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9 Must-have Jewellery Pieces for Traditional Gujarati Bride

9 Must-have Jewellery Pieces for Traditional Gujarati Bride

Jai Shri Krishna folks! Did we just say Gujarati wedding? Yes, you heard it right. Gujarati weddings, known for their grand celebration, and rich traditions and culture, are famous not only for their scrumptious food but also for the vibrant colours and the eye-catching jewellery of course. Gujarati wedding jewellery is unique. Being a Gujarati myself, I love the jewellery adorned by the brides on their D-day. Of course, the ladies love their jewels and who doesn’t want to look their best at their wedding!

So, here are a few personal favourites out of the multiple and gorgeous pieces worn for a typical Gujju wedding. We’ll begin with the accessories from Top to Bottom, here we go:

1. Damani:

Image source: Pinterest

Damani, also known as Mathapatti is worn across the forehead and has loops attached to the sides and the centre. It’s intricately designed using either gold or silver depending on the bride’s choice. A lot of detailing goes into making these Mathapattis as it enhances the look of the bride. Since everyone’s eyes are going to be on the bride’s face on her special day, these are very carefully selected. The modern-day variants have stones and beads on them which gives it a very royal look.

2. Kundan Butti

Image Source: Pinterest

One of the very delicate and exquisitely designed pieces of jewellery which is worn as earrings is the Kundan butti. It consists of a chain that passes over to the crown of the head and the Butti is worn in the earlobe as a hanging earpiece. It accentuates the look of the face very easily.

3. Choonk (Nose Stud)

Image Source: Pinterest

Though not one of the things worn during the wedding, this small piece of jewellery that holds a very important place in a Gujarati wedding. This is given to the bride by her in-laws and signifies her marital status. It is considered a symbol of married women like Sindoor and Mangalsutra and is an essential part of Solah shringar.

4. Kundan Rani Haar

Image Source: Pinterest

As the name itself explains, it literally means “Queen’s Necklace”. It has its own significance and adds royalty to the traditional Gujarati attire. Many brides prefer wearing this along with other neck-pieces such as Chandan Haar.

5. Chandan Haar

Image Source: Google

Very similar to magnificence associated with Kundan Rani Haar, Chandan Haar too holds a very substantial place amongst the other traditional ornaments. It is basically designed with four strands of gold attached together. Since a newlywed bride is considered as “Lakshmi” of the house, it is believed that this ornament symbolizes the prosperity she brings to her new house, her “Sasural”.

6. Patla

Image source: Pinterest

It is a variant of the common Kada, made of gold and studded with precious stones. The bangles are exclusively designed for the brides keeping their preferences in mind.

7. Choodla

Image source: Pinterest

Very Similar to Chooraof the Punjabi weddings, this is a set of traditional bangles given to the bride by her in-laws. This is traditionally made of “Ivory” and then designed with gold and gems. The Choodla is paired with the Kada to make a complete set. These are again red and white coloured bangles and are an essential part to complete the Dulhan’s attire.

8. Kandora

Image source: Pinterest

Also known as Kandoro by the Gujaratis, it’s kind of a Kamarbandh worn around the waist. This is generally colourful and matching with the saree of the bride. You can also go for pure silver ones which are also very elegant. This piece of jewellery helps keep the saree and the pallu in place while beautifying her look.

9. Chhada

Image source: Pinterest

Last but not the least, Chhada, it’s nothing but a pair of anklets worn by the bride for her wedding. This is given by both the maternal side and the in-laws. They are simply called Payal as well. They are made of silver with silver tassels and may also have small ghugri’s hanging on the edges. They say that the sound made by the ghugri when a bride walks in wearing them brings happiness in the house.

All in all, jewellery is perhaps one of the most significant parts of any wedding and ornaments do make a woman look and feel beautiful, and confident. Hope this gives a fair idea about the basic and the most essential pieces of a traditional Gujarati Wedding. Toh vaat shu Jovani?”, let’s get decked up and “Ae Haaloooooo!”

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