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10 Cool Instagram Wedding Trends That All Indian Weddings Must Try
The Lehenga Blouse Blouses are a lot more casual, with western details fusing with Indian traditional elements. Cold shoulders, corset blouses, capes and even bralettes are taking over bridal fash...
Oct. 6, 2017
This Underwater Wedding Trend Is Taking Over Indian Weddings
There are wayy too many new things coming out in the wedding space - especially wedding photography! One of the coolest ones we’ve been seeing is the underwater wedding trend. Yes, that’s right. W...
Oct. 4, 2017
Bride Of The Week: Miss India USA’s Gorgeous Indian Wedding Sets The Bar Too High For Every Bride Out There
Ex Miss India USA just tied the knot with her long-time love Sandeep Subhedar and their wedding is the stuff dreams are made of. No exaggeration! Looking at the gorgeous bride, her wedding lehenga...
Sept. 29, 2017
10 Unconventional Couple Entry Ideas To Rock At Your Indian Wedding!
It’s your wedding day and you’re looking fresh AF. We know you’re going to be stealing the spotlight anyway, but these dramatic wedding entry ideas, engagement entry ideas for the bride and groom r...
Sept. 22, 2017
10 Decor Ideas We Picked Up From The Coolest Indian Weddings
While gendha-phool is ever-present at any Indian wedding, we found some wedding decor ideas that are unique and simply stunning! Check them out: This gorgeous mandap overflowing with pink flower...
Sept. 21, 2017
Planning A Destination Wedding? Touchwood Group Has It All Under One Roof. #WeddingPlanners
We know wedding planning can be extremely stressful. Especially when it’s a destination wedding! Well, we’re here to end your wedding planning woes because we’ve found just what you need - a weddi...
Aug. 19, 2017
6 Budget-Friendly Wedding Decor Ideas That Actually Look Super-Cute! (And Are Also Super-Easy)  #CuttingCosts
Wedding planning can leave a large black hole in your wallet. Especially when it’s an Indian wedding! Check out these cool budget-friendly wedding decor ideas that can help you save up some big bu...
Aug. 15, 2017
7 Cool Ways To Have An Eco-Friendly Indian Wedding
Wedding Invitations SO much paper is wasted with every wedding invitation which is useless once the wedding is over. Now that it is 2017, let’s go with E-invites over the numerous online handles t...
July 28, 2017
Mumbai’s Biggest Wedding Labels Came Together For This Bride-And-Bridesmaids Photoshoot And It Is Beyond Gorgeous!
So if you’ve been following on instagram, you probably know of our bride-and-bridesmaids contest that happened a couple of weeks ago. Well, if not: The contest required you to tag you...
July 25, 2017
7 Mehndi Décor Ideas That Your Wedding Mehndi Function Is Incomplete Without! #MehndiDays #WeddingDecor
Colourful Drapes For that bright, happy daytime mood!   Cycle Rickshaws We don’t know why, but these are everywhere. No complaints though, they look pretty cute! You can also ditch the rickshaw...
June 28, 2017
Unique Bridal Entry Ideas – Here Comes The Bride!
All eyes on the bride!! The first glimpse of the bride is one of the most important moments in the entire wedding. These trending bridal entry ideas are sure to make such moments totally worth it. ...
June 27, 2017
10 Wedding Mandaps That Took The Fuchsia-And-White Trend To Another Level.  #WeddingMandaps  #WeddingTrends
This non-fussy floral, cage-style mandap with fuchsia flowers, light pink drapes and a white frame.   This wedding mandap with shades of bright pink.   We love this mandap with an overdose of ...
June 19, 2017