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Ankit  & Ayushi Udaipur : When College Friends Became Soulmates!
May 23, 2020
To have a friend as a life partner is a wonderful thing. I mean you already know the person, thei... Read More
Ravi & Anj Udaipur : ‘ When a dreamy London love affair ends up as a regal love marriage in Udaipur ’
May 22, 2020
“Love doesn't make the world go 'round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” – Franklin P. Jo... Read More
Saurav & Kanika Dubai : When a solid friendship turns into an everlasting bond of marriage!
April 23, 2020
“There are no accidental meetings between souls”– Anonymous. Introduced to each other by their re... Read More
Pranav & Nisha Udaipur : A decade of love blossoms into an eternal union!
April 18, 2020
‘The best thing to hold onto in life is each other!’ – Audrey Hepburn Nisha and Pranav’s love for... Read More
Sartaj & Dana Hua Hin : A couple who are truly each other’s better halves!
April 17, 2020
A soulmate usually only comes once in your life to shake things up, show your true love, and stan... Read More
Abhinav & Anshika Gurugram : Jab Anshika and Abhinav clicked together for life!
April 7, 2020
Imagine this – a proper arrange marriage setup where the couple meeting for the first time will h... Read More
Shorya  &  Nanki  Delhi : When two best friends become best soulmates
April 7, 2020
Imagine having a perfect love story set amidst the perfect backdrop of hare bhare khet and unche ... Read More
Yatin & Silvy Ludhiana : When love at first sight cliché turns into a dreamy reality!
April 6, 2020
When love at first sight cliché turns into a dreamy reality! It was love at first sight, ... Read More
Amit & Shobhana Jaipur : The real-life Two States love story
Feb. 14, 2020
“My love for you is a journey. Starting at forever, and ending at never.” – Anonymous How they me... Read More
Harkaran & Harsheen Delhi : The Punjabi Royal Wedding
Dec. 5, 2019
When love is real, it finds a way… How they met Harsheen Narula Basra and Harkaran Singh Basra we... Read More
Prashant & Mansi Ghaziabad : DilMil gaye for Mansi and Prashant
Nov. 30, 2019
True love has a habit of coming back.  How they met ‘Hum toh chale the dost banne, jaane kaha dil... Read More
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