8 Brilliant Bridal Veil Shots

8 Brilliant Bridal Veil Shots

Whenever the topic of ‘must have bridal photos’ pops up, the veil shot always manages to shine. Veil shots are photographers favourite. In fact, one of my favourite photographers Rimi Sen once said, “I am falling in love with veil shots. It’s amazing how it brings along a mystery and reveals the unique beauty of each bride always.” True words, my friend, true words! A veil shot magnifies the nazakhat and beauty of a bride according to me. And these brides just prove my point-


P.S: If you want a veil shot, let you makeup artist and photographer know in advance for these shots are impossible to take once the garment is draped.


1. If you are able to take your eyes off this beautiful bride, take a look at the border of her veil. Quite attractive!


Image source: Rimi Sen for Recall Pictures


2. Clearly, her eyes are speaking volumes!


Image source: Shades


3. Haayee, kya adah hai!


Image source: Beginnings For You


4. That precious smile says it all


Image source: Rimi Sen Photography


5. How can I not love this Jodha-Akbar-esque veil shot?


Image source: Altair


6. Bride Neha’s  veil shot is drool worthy!


Image source: Beginnings For You


7. Bride Jigisha can’t help but blush- I am sure her cheeks are as rosy as her veil!


Image source: Movie’ing Moments


8. This candid picture of Mahima is pure joy!


Image source: Mahima Bhatia Photography


Veil shots are truly heartwarming, aren’t they?

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