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From Tradition to Trend: 30+ Mehndi Designs for Boys to Make A Statement

From Tradition to Trend: 30+ Mehndi Designs for Boys to Make A Statement

We are no more in the era of mehndi being solely for women. Those days are far behind us. Now, the world has gentlemen, who are breaking the stereotypes and embracing the art of mehndi with open arms. So, for all the grooms wanting to surprise their brides with their artistic love, here we have curated a list of mehndi design for boys. It is time to step up, get your hands in and experience the intricate patterns and designs that not only is about love but also ties everything back to your cultural roots. Don’t worry if you do not want to go overboard with this or don’t worry if you really want to go overboard, we have it all, mehndi design simple for boys to a full hand masterpiece. To all the grooms-to-be we are inspiring you to embrace this traditional art form and make a statement of your own.

1. Love Quotes – Mehndi Design Simple for Boys

You are getting married, you are in love, and you want to show it off, then go for a simple yet unique mehndi design for boys. Write a beautiful love quote that describes your love life to the T. Look at these inspo pictures below, these men have taken it on themselves to tell the world that they are marrying the love of their lives. 

2. Simplistic Mehndi Design- Wedding Mehndi for Gentlemen

As we promised, if you do not want to go overboard, then this is the right pick for you. Instead of getting your hands in, just get your fingers mehndified. Aren’t these designs adorable. This finger mehendi design is not only minimalistic but it so chic that it just sweeps you off your feet. 

3. Write your Partner’s Name – Mehndi Design for Boys

So, there is this tradition of hiding the groom’s name in bride’s mehndi and then groom has to look for it. There is love and passion in writing the name and if you want your partner to feel the same, then go ahead and write her name. You don’t have to hide it in a full hand intricate Mehndi design, in fact, you can boldly show it off. Are you looking for some inspirations, then have a look at these gentlemen rocking it?

4. Get it in your Wrist – Mehndi Design Simple for Boys

Okay, we get it, you don’t want it on your palms but you also don’t want to not be a part of the Mehndi squad, then its fix, right? Oh, come on, we said we have got you covered. Look at these wrist Mehndi tattoos. 

5. Dip your Legs In – Mehndi Design for Boys

You don’t have to stick to the hands or fingers or wrists, go for leg designs. If you want to go overboard, then cover your hands and match the mehndi design for your legs too. Make your Mehndi day even more fun and be more involved in your pre-wedding festivities.

6. Full Hands on – Intricate Mehndi for Men

This is our favorite one. You can get matching designs as your bride by getting Mehndi for your entire hand. We saw Ranbir Kapoor rocking it in his movie, and you can do it too. With your Sherwani and decked up wedding venue, the lights and the jewelry, your Mehndi will only take it a notch higher.

7. Motifs on the Go – Mehndi Design Simple for Boys

Okay, we are toning it down, with our next idea. You can opt for traditional motifs such as lotus, flowers, peacocks, or religious motifs. Have a look at these simple yet intricate designs. Do you think this is the one for you? If you haven’t found any yet, we still have a few more for you. 

8. Just the Palms – Mehndi Design for Boys

If you want intricate and full design but not on your full hands, then why don’t you go for a full palm? You can go for simple design with just the motifs or you can go all in with flowers and geometrical designs and filled in shapes.

Image Credit: Henna Elements

9. Front and Back – Mehndi Design for Grooms

While we have covered a lot for the front of your hands, we have something for the back of your hands too. In most of your wedding pictures, the back of your hands will be on display then why not work on the back as well. Here are some of the ideas that you can use for adorning your hands with Mehndi design for boys.

Image Credit: VVN Productions

10. Portray Your Story – Surreal Designs for your Mehndi

These adorable caricature Mehndi designs for boys looks just unreal. They are dreamy and unique and can be as personalized as you want them to be. 

Image Credit: Sonamistry Mehandi

These were some of our handpicked ideas. So, do you agree that the world of Mehndi Design for boys has expanded and now you can be the one embracing it and surprising your partner with the designs that you choose. So, gentlemen, don’t hesitate to explore the myriad of Mehndi designs for grooms. Break the societal norms, and let your hands tell your story. Its time to step forward with confidence and showcase your love through your creative Mehndi design simple for boys and let your hands steal the show. Happy artistic wedding

Image Source: Pinterest unless specified

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