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Simple Mehendi Designs 2024 to Bookmark for All Occasions!

Simple Mehendi Designs 2024 to Bookmark for All Occasions!

Image Credits: Shutter down Photography

When it comes to Mehendi designs 2024, there is no such phrase as enough research. Looking for the perfect Mehendi designs to grace our hands is not only exciting but also a crucial part of wedding planning as Mehendi holds an important place in Indian culture. When it comes to weddings, a whole day is dedicated just to Mehendi designs – from applying them, showing them off, and flaunting them for stunning candid pictures, not just for the gram but also for you to look back fondly upon.

Mehandi is not just a customary obligation but a part of a bride’s ensemble – an ornament without which her attire is incomplete. Hence, the mehandi design that you finally land on to be part of your bridal troupe has to be nothing short of breath-taking as it will garner a lot of attention. The internet is overrun with Mehendi designs ideas for you to pick and choose from. We thought we would do our part by putting together a selection of Mehendi designs 2024, one of which you will hopefully fall in love with!

1. Simple Mehndi Designs for Palms as well as Back of the Hands

Beauty lies in simplicity, they say and these simple mehndi design images are a testament to that. It’s a great design to wear if you wanna go minimalistic on your big day.

Image source: Henna by Pallavi

Image source: Jesma Mithun

Simple mehendi designs for Roka or engagement 

Image source: Henna Lounge

If you wish to get a simple mehndi design for your Roka or engagement, one of these mehendi designs with florals, spirals, and beads is just perfect! 

Simple mehandi design for hands, perfect for kids too!

Image source: NJ’s Unique Henna

Nothing beats the charm of a simple mehndi design! This one with easy Indian motifs and alluring patterns is perfect for kids and their tiny little hands too!

Raksha Bandhan Mehndi Designs 2024

Image Source: Riya Shah

Image Source: Tulsi Mehendi

 2. Simple Arabic Mehndi Design

Image Source: Girly Henna

Image Source: Girly Henna

This Arabic mehendi design with a modern twist is such a pleasing option for your bridesmaids! They can flaunt it for those group pictures of the bride-tribe, enhancing the overall beauty of your day!

3. Dulhan Mehandi Design for Hands

Image Source: Coolbluez Photography

 Image source: Kinjal Shah

A classic dulhan mehendi with portraits of either the bride and groom or any of your revered Gods is timeless. Save this for future inspiration, ladies!

Personalized mehendi designs for hands

Image Source: Henna for All

Bridal portraits in mehendi designs are traditional and classic; but if you want something different and personal in your bridal mehendi, then this mehandi design image for hands is a must-save. 

Bridal portraits mehandi design for hands

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Bridal portraits on hand mehndi designs are timeless. If you want to go the traditional mehandi route on your big day, then do consider getting something like this!

4. Full Hand Mehndi Design for the All-Out Bride

Image source: design_aqua_studio

Image source: Jesma Mithun

Extravagant bridal mehendi designs for full backhands

Image source: Dipak_studios

We’ve seen enough bridal mehendi designs on the palm, isn’t it? This mehandi design, however, takes the bridal portrait to a whole new level. Such a stunner, I say! 

 Full-hand mehendi design for the floral motif lover

Image Source: thebigdaystory

Flower motifs on mehndi are a total classic. If you are a lover of all things floral, then one of these full-hand mehendi designs is something to definitely draw inspiration from.

5. Karwa Chauth Mehndi Designs 

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Image Source: Henna for all

Bead motifs have some kind of delicate charm that no other mehndi pattern does. If you are looking for something that’s dainty yet attractive for your Karwa chauth, then this mehendi design is a great one to find inspiration in!

6.  Henna Mehandi Designs for Hands 

Image Source: Henna for all

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Paisleys, lotuses, florals: you name it; this mehndi design for hands has everything Indian. Also, a great pose inspiration to give your mehndi all the attention it deserves.  

Henna mehandi designs for hands with spirals and lotuses

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Ms77vKVk0ycE8tdWo-rx7Maft7_P8JUAns_siI9V-i87pvolchXYWh8s7h9xJCg-IarnmftWzeoooBoukef1UCaXl3GaKJgSoMZQD53xtexy2abjy4dcoTzBFylLepaLSpcMJt8Z.jpg

Do you love lotus motifs on henna too? If you answered yes, then this beautiful mehandi design image needs to be saved in your gallery right away! 

Aztec motif inspired henna mehendi designs for palm

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is PaWMI3vHxPMSG5q2dAinxGdEXcKOlxr8qtoUkSiZHaL9UOSdWFPctr9mJ0LPIU5oh9-_x5YMS_WjXdcH_1n0l7ZCJnq6brndqtNvNApISiYdeHAUVmlifbDC9cpX6uZsEtmglzbF.jpg

Not a huge fan of floral and spiral patterns? One of these Aztec motifs inspired mehendi designs with sharp edges and geometric patterns is a great pick for you! 

If this isn’t the most creative mehndi design you have seen, then I don’t know what is! The use of black henna with gold glitter sure creates a masterpiece! If you are a hatke bride looking for something totally out-of-the-box, then this mehndi design is something you need to save ASAP! 

With that grand finale, our list of mehendi designs 2024 that you can use to inspire your mehendi artist comes to an end. Selecting your wedding mehendi can be unnerving, so we hope we could make it a little easier for you to pay the perfect tribute to this beautiful tradition of mehandi in your own way!

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