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Getting Haldi-fied soon? Trending Haldi Ceremony Decoration Ideas Coming Right Up for You!

Getting Haldi-fied soon? Trending Haldi Ceremony Decoration Ideas Coming Right Up for You!

Image Source: Dipak Studios

If happiness was a color, we certainly know what color it would be – Yellow! And that’s why an outdoor haldi ceremony is our absolute favorite. Add in some quirky props like cycles and rickshaw, some marigold garlands here and there, and – Voila, you’ve got yourself a perfect haldi function. We found some of the best haldi decoration ideas to add some quirk and a pop of color to your haldi ceremony! Scroll down and bask in the glory of these tried and tested haldi ceremony decoration ideas 2022 that are going to reign over the wedding universe for years to come!

Marigold Wall

Floral installations are huge in pre-wedding and wedding decor, so why should you be left behind on this evergreen trend. But here’s a twist to the traditional marigold garlands – what do you say about a marigold wall that will be a magical backdrop for your haldi pictures!

Image Source: The Wedding Designers

The 3Ms – Marigold, Mogra, and Me

Well, when in doubt, take all the traditional elements of Indian weddings – Marigolds and Mogras – and give them a modernistic mash-up! And what do you know, you may end up with a haldi decor so ethereal that people can’t keep their eyes off of it!

Image Source: Beginnings for You


Bicycles are rapidly gaining popularity as decor accessories in pre-wedding ceremonies and day weddings. Decorate it with marigolds, or add some colorful tassels or some really witty and punny one-liners. You can turn this one into a photobooth eventually.

Image source: Rajesh Satankar Photography

Image source: Romesh Dhamija Photography

Image source: Neha Brackstone Photography

Image source: The Wedding Minions

Auto Rickshaws

No one ever thought that a rickshaw will be used as a decor prop one day. Colorful rickshaws are making the rounds of mehendi/haldi functions quite often now. This is one rickshaw that won’t refuse you!

Image source: Knot in Focus

Image source: Elan Events

Image source: The A Cube Project

Image source: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Hand Carts

If you ask us, haanth gaadi or hand carts are the best places to keep haldi favors. Doll it up with drapes, marigolds, or in any way you want. This can turn out to be a really cheap haldi decoration DIY idea!

Image source: Madam Planners

Image source: Ombre by Harsheen Jammu

Image source: Naman Verma Photography


Now that Vespa is back in fashion why not incorporate it into your mehendi/haldi function? It’s a super cool addition to your already cool event. Keep it against a beautiful backdrop and you’re done!

Image source: Time Shutterz Photography

Image source: The Wedding Conteurs

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Image Source: The Wedding Design Company

Netted Charmers

Who said a backyard haldi ceremony can’t be fun? While Marigolds are the heart of any haldi function, this netted cloth garland cascading all over did steal the show. That’s some creativity we can see come to life and How!

Image Source: Beginnings for You

Marigolds & Kalires

This one never even crossed our minds until we saw these pictures. These Kalire drop marigold garlands and colorful mirror-work ethnic props are just what was missing from the otherwise green-dream surroundings! Hats off to the brains behind this haldi decor!

Image Source: Beginnings for You

Swing Sets

Swings – Wow, we are feeling nostalgic already! Your haldi decor can’t get more traditional yet fun than having a few swings amping up the game for you. If you want all your invitees to swing by your haldi ceremony, this is a must-have addition to your haldi ceremony decor! And trust us, it won’t even cost you much.

Image Source: Beginnings for You

We are sure these haldi decor ideas will charm their way into your haldi ceremony while keeping the glam and fun quotient in equal proportions. If you are looking for trending wedding decor 2022 or new tent ideas for an outdoor tented wedding ceremony, you know where to find us!

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