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Rohan & Prarthana Delhi : ‘ When two hearts met in college they graduated to marriage a decade later!’

Rohan & Prarthana Delhi : ‘ When two hearts met in college they graduated to marriage a decade later!’


“True love is rare, and it’s the only thing that gives life real meaning.”  ― Nicholas Spark

Prarthana and Rohan’s love story blossomed in a rather interesting college setup. She once walked into the college auditorium to watch a live debate and there she saw Rohan on stage debating, articulating and firmly expressing his views. They soon became friends and continued to hang out together. Needless to say over the years they graduated from being the best of friends to the best of lovers, growing up with each other for nearly a decade now!

Prarthana gives voice to her feelings for Rohan and says, “ Being around each other is the most natural feeling in the world for us. We’ve grown up together, through college and adulting, travelling the world and moving across continents. We make the best memories when we’re travelling and experiencing new places and food together (Japan, Greece, Austria and Hungary were a few of our favorites). Also, he makes the most bomb gingerbread pancakes – the day he first made them for me, I thought “he’s a keeper” ;)”


The Proposal 

Rohan’s proposal for Prarthana is another heart-warming extension of their sweet story. Little did Prarthana know that her special one was not just inviting her home for a casual dinner one evening but had the most thoughtful and touching proposal planned for her! Prarthana recalls, 

“ I went to his place for dinner one day after work and when I entered, all the furniture was pushed to the walls, it was dark, there were candles everywhere and in the middle, a scrapbook of some of our best memories over the years at the end of which he popped the question. It was the intimate proposal I always wanted.’’

Isn’t this adorable!

The Wedding

This couple surely knows the importance of time. After being together for nearly ten years, they wanted their marriage to be a beautiful ode to all those lovely treasures of moments and at the same time make it an unforgettable experience for their near and dear ones. Hence these two love birds took a whole year to plan every detail of their wedding! 


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