A Cutesy Tennis Court Pre-Wedding Shoot of a Gorgeous Couple in NYC

A Cutesy Tennis Court Pre-Wedding Shoot of a Gorgeous Couple in NYC

The past decade is proof of how Pre-wedding shoots have become a massive rage amongst millennial couples. Each pre-wedding shoot is different in its own right and narrates the story of the couple before they get hitched for life!


While some couples lay more emphasis on the location, the landscape or the scenic beauty for their pre-wedding shoot, others prefer it to be more realistic and either go in for their home, their favourite place or the place where they met first. I love it how some couples make their pre-wedding shoot extremely personalised and unique.


As I was scrolling through my Instagram feed I came across a pre-wedding picture of a couple on a tennis court and just couldn’t get my eyes off it. ShootingStars has done a fabulous job!  I started scouting for details and I learnt more about the couple- Aman Shah and Janhavi Shah, a couple of NYC, are tennis enthusiasts and are now engaged. Their pre-wedding shoot is more than drool-worth!


Gear up for your screen to explode with cutesy and aww-so-gorgeous pictures in…



Here you GO…







The addictive game of Tennis, food, and coffee brought this beautiful couple together, amidst the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. What started as friendship gradually turned into love and before they knew it the couple was completely in awe of each other! These pictures are proof enough of their love story and their chemistry.









Images source: ShootingStars

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