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7 Health and Wellness Tips for Brides in this Lockdown

Dear soon-to-be brides, we’re aware this has been a period of great turmoil and testing. With the breakout of the virus, your already scheduled or future cherished marriage had to be pushed further and that certainly must have created quite a storm for you! But just like change is the only constant thing, all this will be over, albeit slowly but surely.

Since this entire crisis has taken a toll on you, we decided to add some sunshine to your cloudy circumstances and cheer you up. Besides, as a future bride, there is no reason why you should be complacent with your overall health and well-being. If you don’t know where to begin, we welcome you to start right here! 

1. A Nutritious Diet is Duty!

Image Source Plateauafromage

It is often said, ‘’You are what you eat’ and for all the right reasons. There is an entire science behind the impact your diet can have on your overall health and well-being. Hence, in periods of such uncertainties and unforeseen stress, it becomes vital to nourish your body with a healthy intake of nutritious foods. Add lots of seasonal fruits, veggies and nuts to your diet. And ensure you have a fixed time slot for each meal. Kudos to you, if you’re already on that track! But for those who need all the motivation, remember you really need to rock in that bridal lehenga on your upcoming big day. Hence spare yourself and your designer the task of altering your measurements. And if you need a thorough plan to knock off those extra pounds or to maintain those kilos, you can look up the pages of top nutritionists who have meticulously put it all together. We’re sharing one such gem for you to begin 🙂   https://www.instagram.com/rujuta.diwekar/

2. Slay it with those Stretches!

Image Source Yoga

It is not for nothing that an increasing number of people swear by their exercise regime. Begin and you’ll feel the difference! There are innumerable benefits of doing yoga, cardio or exercise in general. Grab a corner, lay out the mat and get started. It will help you to channelize all your anxieties and focus better. Moreover, this time has seen a number of people turn insomniac and if you’ve already sailed in the same boat, a physical routine is all the push your body needs! Your sleep routine will improve considerably and you’ll be able to better manage things. On days when you just don’t feel like making your machine work, don’t beat yourself over it (it’s already quite chaotic out there in the world. Be kind to yourself) and opt for something physically less taxing like face yoga 🙂 https://www.instagram.com/houseofbeauty.in/ is your complete guide to the best face yoga. The idea is, on days when you can’t climb mountains, climb some steps, but climb!

Image Source House of Beauty Official

Image Source House of Beauty Official

3. Well Hydrated = Good Health

Image Source Veraciousouls

The reason we even have it listed down separately here (and not part of nutrition) is that how important it is for you to keep yourself hydrated. Even though you nail the rest and ignore this bit sitting in the air-conditioned confines of your home, all efforts will go in vain. Though staying indoors this lockdown has comparatively saved you from the scorching summer heat, but that does not mean you can neglect the vital h2o bit! Sit with two bottles(at least) of water to work and keep gulping at regular intervals. If you still find bottles untouched and full, set a reminder, water alarm or download one of those dedicated water apps like Hydro Coach or Water Minder. You can also make the most of this season by making aam pannas and nimbu paanis now and then. You can also add basil seeds (sabja) in water for a change.

4. Shower Some Self-love!

Instagram these days is flocked with celeb selfies who are pampering their skin with home-made masks and ubtans. It’s time, you also get yourself to prepare a home-made mask depending on your skin type and simply chill! To know which one is the best for you, read https://weddingz.in/blog/6-homemade-face-packs-a-bride-must-use-before-her-big-day/ Your skincare routine actually turns out to be quite rejuvenating for you. Slash two slices and let your eyelids breathe from all the unending laptop staring while you relax with your mask on. You can also go the extra mile by playing soulful instrumental music in the background and lighting that diffuser or some scented candles. Full spa scenes you see! Well if you can’t go out, bring it home 🙂 You can also further check out https://weddingz.in/blog/5-skingoals-for-brides-to-achieve-that-flawless-glow/

5. Cut Screen Time

Image Source Pinterest

No, we’re not talking digital detox here since our entire life is designed around technology. From the morning alarm to news updates, work emails, WhatsApp texts, music breaks, game sessions and Netflix parties, our day-to-day living is dependent on these! But the idea of you indulging in unchecked screen staring can have an adverse effect on your overall health. Sure, working with the laptop is unavoidable, but where you can, you must put in the effort and not fall into the temptation of checking your feeds for the 26th times in a day! If you’re in the habit of using kindle, we suggest, pick up an actual book and spare your two precious dimes from those emitting lights. Besides, make it a rule to not see the screen at least an hour before you go to bed. Little efforts, small steps and you’ll see the big difference it makes 🙂

6. Have Something to Look Forward to!

Image Source Go Nihon

There is no better way to beat melancholy and boredom or even spare your already overworked by taking out time for ‘yourself’ This rests on the idea of having something to look forward to solely for your own happiness. It could be absolutely anything. From sketching to nail art, practicing a musical instrument, taking up an online course, cleaning your closet or simply experimenting a makeup tutorial on yourself. Just something you ‘enjoy’ doing without coaxing or persuasion and you find great comfort indulging in. Taking out this ‘me time’ will help you from not burning out or falling into the trap of lethargy or gleam. The point is, when you go to bed at night, you need to have some motivation and joy in your heart to take on the next day. While all the above contribute to your physical health, this bit looks after your mental and emotional well-being.  

7. Stay Connected!

Image Source King’s Pet Grooming

Be it your family, friends, to-be spouse or even your pet, remember to take out time for them no matter how hectic your schedule is. Staying connected with them, will give you a sense of purpose, provide an outlet and help you stay motivated in such testing times. You can simply sit together with your folks for meals or pamper your four-legged furry family member (which can be quite therapeutic for both) The idea is to value your tribe and remind yourself that no matter what, the power of an honest heartfelt conversation can make a huge difference to your emotional health. So don’t just stick around together but stay connected!

Dear ladies here’s wishing you the best of all-round well-being! And remember, it is better to start now then never 🙂

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