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6 Ways to Reuse Your Expensive Wedding Jewellery
Let’s be honest here, all of us have spent a good amount on jewellery for some function and now that is just lying in our bank lockers waiting for its turn to come out next. One such event is a we...
May 29, 2020
8 Types Of Indian Jewellery To Choose from On Your Wedding
The tradition of wearing jewellery is 5000 years old in India. Of course, women have loved jewellery for quite sometime now! It is a striking expression of the country’s aesthetic and cultural his...
May 22, 2020
6 Mangalsutra Bracelets - the Symbol of Commitment, Updated!
A mangalsutra is more than just an accessory for an Indian woman. Women in India wear a mangalsutra, a type of a necklace, as a symbol of being married and it also signifies their belief that a ma...
May 6, 2020
Say Hello to these 10 Stunning Haath Phools!
As you gear up to nail your bridal look to the T, you don’t want to miss out on those tiny yet significant details that can amplify your entire appearance. The hailing haath phool is a one such in...
May 6, 2020
5 Must Have Maharastrian Naths for The  Marathi Mulgi
The nose ring is the ‘Jewel of Maharashtra’, called Nath or Motyachi Nath or Marathi Nath. India being multicultural, there are different types of nose rings in different parts of the country. Eac...
April 29, 2020
9 Must-have Jewellery Pieces for Traditional Gujarati Bride
Jai Shri Krishna folks! Did we just say Gujarati wedding? Yes, you heard it right. Gujarati weddings, known for their grand celebration, and rich traditions and culture, are famous not only for t...
April 7, 2020
7 Stunning Jhumkas to Adorn Your Ears
“Jhumka gira re, Bareilly ke bazaar mein!” Not sure about them falling but these jhumkas are definitely going to make you fall in love with them! Jhumkas are one of the most popular earring cho...
Feb. 24, 2020
10 Modern Jewellery Design Inspiration for Millennial Brides
Who doesn’t like jewellery? Jewellery has been passed on from our lovely stone age ancestors that first made jewellery out of leaves, stones shells or whatever they could find. A bride is adorned ...
Feb. 20, 2020
5 Tips to Remember Before Buying Wedding Jewellery
Your wedding jewellery isn’t just jewellery on your wedding day because Indian families equate jewellery with the pride of the family. When you go jewellery shopping you’re obviously not going alo...
Jan. 13, 2020

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