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4 Lockdown Sangeet Ideas for Couples Planning an Intimate Wedding

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It has been almost four months since the country faced a strict lockdown situation. Never in our wildest dreams did we even think, we did have to cancel our grand wedding plans, international trips or even a trip to the favourite restaurant due to a virus! But yes, the coronavirus is rife across the world even now and therefore, lockdown weddings, and even lockdown sangeet has become a real thing!

When it comes to Indian weddings, the celebrations are incomplete without a grand sangeet ceremony. Be it a daytime ladies sangeet event when aunties, grandmothers and didis sing folk songs as the dholak adds to the background score or the ‘propah’ wedding sangeet ceremony that has the ladke wale and ladki wale compete with choreographed and practised dance steps – sangeet ceremonies are a great way to bond and have fun during the wedding festivities.

Bollywood films have long romanticised this celebration what with umpteen number of songs written and shot celebrating the ‘sangeet’ ceremony itself! In fact, many a romantic story has begun thanks to this celebration…

So, while we miss our grand sangeet ceremony rituals, it does not mean that we will not try our best to enjoy our lockdown sangeet ceremony! Here are four lockdown sangeet ceremony ideas for couples planning an intimate wedding

#1 An Intimate Lockdown Wedding Sangeet Ceremony

Yes, save yourself the heartache and make the best of the situation at hand. In the days of yore, sangeet ceremonies were done on a very small scale, i.e., at home itself. It was probably a divided celebration with ladies enjoying on their own singing folk songs and dancing. However, in today’s day and time, a sangeet function can be done in the same way.

Video Courtesy: USP TV

Plan an intimate sangeet ceremony that includes your immediate family members and friends.

#2 Plan Two Sangeets

Yeah. You read that right. In this lockdown situation, weddings or any other functions can host only 50 people at max. But given the Indian family situation, it will be difficult to cut out immediate family members from both sides. Therefore, the best solution is to have two sangeets – ek ladkiwale enjoy kare aur doosra ladkewale! In this way, both sides can enjoy with their friends and family without having to cut out family or friends.

Video Courtesy: Smiti Mittal

#3 A Virtual Party

Until four months ago, a virtual sangeet or a virtual wedding was unheard of. Yes, weddings were streamed online but for distant family members and friends who couldn’t make it to the event. However, today, a virtual wedding or a virtual sangeet is a very big part of our reality. For a virtual sangeet, you will need to do a lot of planning, maybe even more than the actual one!

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For starters, rope in all enthusiastic dancers (from among the family and friends) across the globe. If they wish to participate, they can prepare their own dance routine. Or if there is a choreographer involved, then a video with all the dance steps can help them learn. On the day of the sangeet function, dance performances can be live streamed and enjoyed by all.

Video courtesy: Bollywood Classics

#4 Multiple Sangeets

The more the merrier, right? Yeah, who can say no multiple parties at weddings! So, the cure to include all your loved ones albeit in small doses is to host multiple sangeet parties. You can begin with two sangeets (as we mentioned above). Further, you can host a sangeet ceremony only for friends as well. If you are a popular couple, then host two sangeets for your friends to ensure all the important ones get to attend and be a part of your wedding festivities.

However, before you start planning your lockdown sangeet ceremony, you need to take in account and practice the following –

#1 Ensure social distancing – Yes, you think it may not be possible but it is. Even for smaller functions, seating arrangements can be set up with a decent distance between them. Avoid hugging or any other physical closeness.

#2 Maintain hygiene – This is super important. Keep sanitizers handy. Ensure the washrooms are clean and are periodically cleaned with disinfectants. Inform your friends and families of the many measures they will have to participate in beforehand – thermal screening, temperature checks, wearing masks, etc.

#3 Get RSVP – This is an important measure today so as to keep a check on guests – their location and their health condition. If they are unwell, they should avoid attending.  

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