10 Brides who Nailed their Bridal Photoshoot!

10 Brides who Nailed their Bridal Photoshoot!

Time and again brides have won our hearts by just being themselves. Whether she is a drama queen or a minimalist, we’ve loved her throughout. Photographs are often considered as time capsules. You don’t want to look back and wish you’d done something different. Don’t give in to the bridal poses from the 90s but instead do something you love! Okay, my words can be confusing but these bridal photographs will convey my message to you-


1. This no-nonsense bride who posed elegantly


Image source: Naman Verma


2. The Happiness Reflects on her Face!


Image source: Divine Mantra


3. A bridal photoshoot with a backdrop of the mountains? Yes, please!


Image source:  Dream Diaries


4. Now here is a bride who knows how to have some fun!


Image source: Design Aqua Studio


5. This confident bride is not only our favourite but also Sabya’s!

Image source: Ali G Studio


6. Bride Mansha’s twirling shot is captured perfectly by the photographer!


Image source: Divine Mantra


7. Food over bae!


Image source: Pinterest


8. A sunset photoshoot at the Marine Drive is a must!


Image source: Dream Diaries


9. Bride Avantika’s smile is the winner here!


Image source: The Cheesecake Project


10. A photo of multiple photos being taken of the bride


Image source: Dream Diaries


Go get yourself captured the way you want, girl!

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