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10 Unique and Lesser-known Rituals in Indian Weddings that you will find Interesting

10 Unique and Lesser-known Rituals in Indian Weddings that you will find Interesting


Indian weddings are like a gigantic pool of  emotions, thoughts, ideas and beliefs. They are like story books where you won’t believe what comes next. There are some rituals and traditions that will make no sense but you will still be amazed and fascinated by them but they still exist. You might find them outrightly weird but each one of them are unique and beautiful for those who follow.


So, here are some Indian wedding unique rituals that will make you go speechless.


1. Bengali Wedding


Image Source: The Bombay Vibes


In Bengai weddings, the groom’s mother is not invited to the marriage. It is believed that the mother’s presence at wedding can bring evil and bad luck to her child’s life.



2. Punjabi Wedding


Image Source: Infinite Memories


It’s a pre-wedding ritual where a well decorated pitcher of water is brought to the bride by the groom’s bhabi or mother. And the bride’s bhabi and sisters go to Gurudhwara to bring holy water. And the bride uses the same water for bathing before the wedding.


3. Tamil Brahmin Wedding



Kashiyatra is an uber fun ritual that Tamilians follow. Here the groom runs away from the altar and pledges to give up the worldly pleasures. And that’s when the bride’s father asks the groom to come back and promises that his daughter will be an aid to him in all the ups and downs.

4. Tribal Weddings in U.P.

The tribal weddings in Sarsual, Uttar Pradesh are quite atypical where the groom’s family is welcomed with tomatoes instead of rose petals, gulab jal or paan.

It is believed that by hurling tomatoes and starting a relationship on an unfortunate note will end in a fruitful and compatible married life of the couple.

So, are you ready for desi tomatina?


5. Manipuri Wedding



In traditional Manipuri wedding, the bride and the groom frees a couple of fishes in the nearest pond. The direction and movement of the fishes predict the bride and groom’s marital life.

If the fishes move together in the same direction then it is a good sign.


6. Kumaoni Wedding



The Kumaoni wedding ritual uses a prop! Yes, a flag. The white flag represents groom and the red flag represent the bride. Here the whiet flag leads the baarat and the red flag goes around the bride.


7. The Rabha Tribe in Assam



The Rabha tribe in Assam only appreciate garlands!

Wedding in Rabha tribe are simple and subtle where the bride and the groom exchange floral garlands and are declared married.

As they say, less is more!


8. The Maharashtrian Wedding



Now this is interesting… inMaharashtrian weddings, the bride’s brother twists groom’s ear. It signifies the consequences that will follow if the groom doesn’t take care of his sister.


9. Tribal Wedding



In certain adivasi tribe, there’s a ritual where after marriage the bride and the groom are kept separately for a year. And after a year their wedding is approved by the senior members of their family and society.


10. Malayali Wedding



We take 7 pheras around the fire in wedding, but the malayalis take only three pheras around the fire and tie a yellow thread around the girl’s neck!


Image Source: Pinterest (Unless specified)


Interesting, aren’t they?

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