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15 Wedding Nail Designs Perfect for the Trendy Indian Bride

Wedding nails are an important part of your ensemble. Manicures and nail art will add to your look, making your gorgeous ring stand out and shine. Clean and well-manicured hands are a must-have for any bride-to-be. We’ve narrowed down some pretty designs that you could get done at your local salon. But searching for someone who could personalize your nails to your taste will take your nails to the next level in wedding fashion. 

1) Matte Skin Nails

These nude skin nails are elegant and simple. They offer the bride a more versatile look that will pair with any outfit and colour. 

2) Dual Tone Nails

These brown and nude nails are the perfect fit for any wedding ensemble. The matte look with the delicate flower pattern provides a calming and natural look for any bride-to-be. 

3) Nude And Powder Sparkle Nails

Every bit of sparkle makes any bride’s day much more vibrant. Nails like these will make for beautiful pictures.

4) Rose Gold Metallic Nails


Metallic nails are great for those brides who want to make a style statement. These rose gold nails are gorgeous and will go well with any wedding ensemble. 

5) Dash Of Glitter Rose Gold Nails

Adding a touch of glitter is a good way of making any simple colour look expensive and very pose. 

6) White And Pink Gel Nails

This elegant pattern with the touch of metallic rose gold polish is a great one to choose for the bride’s special day. Picking gel polish over matte gives the hands sheen. 

7) Bouquet Of Roses Nails 

The colours fit so well together. From the white and pink roses with green leaves add a natural look while the rhinestones make the hands look luxurious. 

8) White Lace Nails

If you are looking for the perfect white wedding these nails should be a part of your ensemble. The lacework can be matched well to the lace on the bride’s outfit. This will personalize the look for any bride-to-be.

9) Personalized Quote Nails


These customized printed nails are a great way to go. Using personalized quotes and images will make your nails a point of conversation for all guests. 

10) A Classic Trendy Twist To The French Manicure Nails

French manicured nails have been any woman’s favourite since time immemorial. The added caricature of the bride customizes the manicure for the bride. 

11) The Classic Red Nails

You can never go wrong with the perfect simple and classic red nails. This style will never go out of style. Pairing it with the perfect red lip will complement any ensemble. 

12) Burgundy And Gold Glitter Nails

Burgundy is a great colour for those brides that are bold and stylish. They will make the hands pop and a touch of glitter adds sparkle to the ensemble. 

13) White With A Touch of Silver Nails

Everything needs that touch of glitter. The one silver nail with glitter along with the rhinestones will make the bridal hands look luxurious. 

14) White And Blue Marble Nails

These nails are perfect for the bride that loves her blue hue. These nails have just the right dash of blue without overpowering the white tones while adding a touch of bridal virtue to the design.

15) Matte Green Abstract Nails

For those brides that love to match each outfit properly, if your wedding ensemble is close to green and white, these gorgeous nails will be the perfect match for you. This masterpiece will be well appreciated by everyone.

The perfect nails will make your pictures Instagram-worthy while garnering all the likes!

Image Source: Pinterest Unless Specified

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