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5 Things You Can Spend on When You Opt for Micro Weddings

An immediate effect of the covid pandemic is the rise in micro weddings. This time it is around not just in for the trend or fad of it but as the need of the hour considering the emphasis on social distancing. Hence, even though Indian marriages have the exact opposite spirit, it’s time to embrace this new and starkly different manner of getting married in a country like ours!

And while you’re playing around the idea of a micro wedding we decided to make life a lot more easier for you by putting this list together that can help you spend, allocate and plan well keeping the interest of your guests in mind. Since intimate affairs are all about the experience, we’ve pieced this keeping the experiential aspect in mind. Reading this will have you convinced that ‘indeed less is more’ Take a look:  

1. Dream Venue!

Image Source Wonderland Bali

Image Source Atisuto Events

One of the first questions that pop in the minds of couples who are all set to tie the knot is the place, the ‘where’ If you’ve always envisioned a quintessential fort wedding or a nuptial by the beach, it’s time to give wings to those cherished desires. Pick the most visually appealing venue-indoor or outdoors according to your preference, and nail the setting spot-on! You’re very well now, picking the perfect venue is half the job done. So be it the most premier banquet, heritage haveli, luxury resort or vibrant lawn, now’s a great time to make meaningful memories with your select few in a splendid milieu.

2. Inclusive Menus

Image Source Isalie Tring

Image Source Isalie Tring

Micro weddings provide a large scope for customization. Hence you must make the most of having a limited number of guests and make them feel special with some thoughtful value additions. A great way of doing that is incorporating inclusive menus. This not only takes care of their preferences, distinct tastes and culinary choice but also looks after their food allergies, health requirements and personal beliefs. Your guests will certainly be touched by this caring gesture and you’ll be proud as hell for giving them a deliciously pleasant memory!

3. Personalized Wedding Favours

 Image Source Little Cookie and Cake Co

Image Source Sol Y Luna

Gifting your guests customized, handcrafted or luxury return favours can be a challenge with a massive pax count as you may end up severely off-shooting your budget. However, that’s not the case with micro weddings where you can now make this possible. Be it personalized memorabilia or handmade chocolates, vintage candles or wellness and beauty kits, you can source these from the finest places or vendors and give your guests reasons enough to remember and remiscine even long after your wedding. After all, who does not love gifts? That too bespoke ones!

4. High End Wedding Photography & Videography

Image Source Stories by Joseph Radhik

Image Source Stories by Joseph Radhik

Every penny spent on this aspect is worth it. After all, your wedding photos will last a lifetime, or even after that! Hence, get the best team, hire the finest talent to nail this important bit for you. From drone photography to multi-crew set-ups that can capture the perfect frames from a number of angles, we suggest, get it all! As these pictures and videos will be tangible memories of the most momentous day of your life, treat it the same way and give it every importance it deserves!

5. Safety Strategy!

Image Source Handheld Catering

Image Source Golden Coin

We’re certain if anyone was to mention that they have a separate allocated budget for the safety department of their wedding a few years from now, it would send chuckles and giggles down. But not anymore, certainly not in the covid-19 world. Hence we urge you to take this aspect seriously. With micro weddings in, you certainly do much more to ensure top-notch safety measures for your wedding. You can even have a department set-up that can look after waste disposal, venue sanitization, staff hygiene standards, display of venue maps with fire exits, emergency safety and health kit, installation of sanitizer booths and so much more! If you’ve got everything well so far, you don’t want to ruin it all for not incorporating something this essential.

On that note, we hope you get cracking your dream micro wedding with plenty of ideas and inspiration that were up for grabs in here!

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