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6 Essentials For Hosting a Home Wedding

We live in the era of the covid 19 pandemic which has pushed the world to return back to its basics. Perhaps, ever since the outbreak of the technological revolution, this must be one of those rare times in history where a majority of the human species has been compelled to mildly live like the times before technology and modernization hijacked our lives! Eating together, passing down oral traditions, sharing family time and bonding over folklores are a common thing today. Even the way we ring in our celebrations have become more simpler and intimate. And reminiscent of the times when the big fat Indian wedding was not a fad.

Having said that, it all boils down to ‘choice’. If you’ve been getting inspired by the increasing number of couples opting for home weddings this lockdown, then you’ll be happy to know, this list may just have made your life a little simpler! While there is no doubt that you may get the larger elements right, like food, decor, outfits, vendors but the little one you miss out can really dampen the overall experience of your cherished home wedding

So here we are! To your rescue again. This list contains six pointers for you to host a glitch-free affair . Read on to find out more: 

1. Rent/Hire Wisely

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Once you’ve got your realistic guest-size in place, it’s time to place orders and hire stuff accordingly. Depending on the area size, hire tables, chairs and other logistics in a way that does not compromise the ‘spacious’ factor. Likewise, unlike grand gatherings, you can fairly ensure that you order food in the right quantity to ensure minimum wastage. While opting for a home-style wedding, it is important you find vendors who understand your sense of aesthetics, need for elevating guest experience rather than reinforcing their commercial agendas. 

2. Ensure Personalized Touches

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Your home wedding is literally your canvas! Treat it like that on your most momentous day. No matter the exquisite paraphernalia, there’s no better set-up than your home to add in those personal touches. It could be a memory photo booth, customized thank you notes, a picture wall or a decor element with monograms. Remember to nail the setting with such thoughtful details.

3. Get or Hire Help

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If you’ve decided your folks will also shoot your wedding video, serve snacks or get the table setting cracking, apart from cheering for and dancing with you, you have more reasons to smile. To hire professional stewards, planners or cleaners can make everyone’s life a lot more easier. Whichever path you want to tread, ensure you have enough support in every department for planning before, during and after the wedding.

4. Parking Provision

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This is paramount! You must figure out a place, allocated plot or take necessary permissions from your neighbours to ensure that there is ample parking space for your guest’s vehicles. Also make sure, you have someone dedicatedly guiding guests on where they can park. This also amounts to giving your guests a fuss-free experience!

5. Make Sure Permissions are in Place

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These could range from alcohol licenses to speaker volumes and society’s approval. Remember your special day cannot be a cause of chaos and distress for others. Make it as smooth an experience you can imagine for everyone involved and uninvolved too. Hence, start planning in advance so that you can apply for permits and get approvals well in advance.

6. Plan a Little Something for your Guests

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And finally, as home weddings are big on moments, create new memories with your loved ones who have come to support you on your marriage day. You can plan something special for them and it does not necessarily have to be something fancy or out of the league! Fun games, karaoke sessions, unplugged singing sessions or planned performance. Nothing like roping in some good talents for this. However, if you sit to find, you’ll find all the gems and geniuses in the family itself!

We hope, by getting these vital things right, you have a hassle-free home wedding and make meaningful memories with family and friends!

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