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7 Bidai Songs to Bookmark for 2020 Weddings

It is tough to leave everything behind and start afresh, don’t you think? Your parents, your friends, your home, hell, even your bedroom and your own cupboard! But marriage demands that a young woman leaves behind everything known for a new life with her husband. Hence, the traditional of Bidai is a tough one.

Imagine all your life you have been pampered at home by your mom and dad, your siblings and suddenly, through marriage, you are to give it up and embrace everything new. Difficult. But then most bidais’ are, aren’t they? It is also one aspect of the wedding where nor the bride, the groom or any of the family member can be prepared for! Waterworks are normal. So, in this blog let us look at 7 Bidai songs.

1. Din Shagna Da… 

A bittersweet song sung mellifluously by Jasleen Royal, it is bound to bring tears of joy.  It is a must-have as a part of your wedding playlist.

2. Laadki by Cokestudio@MTV Season 4

This song makes me cry each time I hear it! A beautiful rendition by Sachin Jigar, this songs speaks about the beautiful bond shared by a father and his daughter.

3. Dilbaaro

Raazi was a brilliant film. The Dilbaaro song is one that will be passed on from generation to generation. It is a beautiful number describing how a daughter still wants to be her daddy’s little girl after all these years…

4. Babul Ki Duayein Leti Ja

A really old number but very relevant even today when it comes to bidai songs.

5. Babul

The film HAHK had everything – romance, family bonding, flirting, weddings and of course, the bidai. This is a number a soulful one.

6. Son Chiraiya

What happens a daughter leaves the house after her wedding? It is empty, painfully so! And this song sums up all the emotions perfectly 🙂

7. Babul Mora

Suddenly when it sinks in that you are to leave everything behind! Beautiful song and a major heartbreak 🙁

Are you crying already? Told you to keep the tissues handy!

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