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7 Brides who Ditched Heels and Chose Sneakers for their Wedding Outfits!

7 Brides who Ditched Heels and Chose Sneakers for their Wedding Outfits!

How often do we come across articles on the internet or through word-of-mouth about the many woes of brides complaining of sore feet because they wore super high heels? No doubt, a bride wants to look and feel her best in her wedding ensembles but sometimes it is okay to give comfort and create a look that truly stands for you being you. 

Having said that, nowadays many brides are replacing their heels for a pair of slick sneakers. This really does break the stereotype and adds a modern touch to otherwise traditional attire. Also, vanity takes a backseat as brides want more comfort! Take a look at 7 such brides who rocked the sneaker look:

1. What do you pair your conventional red bridal lehenga with? Matching sneakers, of course! 

Image Source: Busy Bee Studio

2. Any Gucci brides out there?

Image Sources: Rahul de Cunha Pictures

3. Comfy sneakers to dance away all night!

mage Source: Seventy by Two

4. One for the brides who pair their white wedding gowns with a pair of pure white shoes!

mage Source: Pinterest

5. LED lights on my sneakers? Yes, please!

Image Source: Studio Kelly

6. Go the extra mile and personalise your sneakers to perfectly match your lehenga!

Image Source: Banjaaran

7. Tie those laces up nice and tight so that you don’t need to worry about tripping over! 

Image Source: Third Eye Photography

Ditch those heels and put on a pair of sneakers! What say?

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