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8 Interesting Jaimala Backdrop Ideas for Fun Frames

The jaimala/varmala ceremony is a meaningful and fun ritual in most Indian marriages. It also has the distinction of being ‘the moment’ of your marriage that can certainly qualify as the poster  image of your wedding album! Hence to get the right setting or backdrop for that revered frame becomes quite crucial.

Since the lockdown is bringing the better of us (or so we believe!) we decided to put on our thinking caps and research skills to use to quirk things around and lend you some innovative backdrop ideas that are easy, eclectic and non-floral. After all, why should florals have all the fun?! 😉 Here are 8 frames you can draw inspiration from. Take a look:

1. Pure Paper Festoon Splendour!

Image Source Shaadi Jitters

This vibrant frame clearly tells you why paper festoons need all your love and attention! Say hello to your lovely and economical jaimala backdrop 🙂

2. Dazzling Diyas and Festive Fireworks

Image Source: Movieing Moments

Literally illuminate the frame with blissful diyas (which also have an auspicious value attached to them) and candle sparks or festive fireworks for timeless portraits.

3. Fresh Ferns Backdrop, What Say?

Image Source Maharani Weddings

Let the beauty of the surrounding blend in with your fabulous ferns and leaves jaimala stage!

4. When Your Loved Ones Make up Your Backdrop Coupled with an Opulent Drape Saga!

Image Source The Wedding Files

Instead of facing your folks, why not let them be a part of your frames itself! Line up the little munchkins in front and get those happy faces captured for a perfect shot.

5. Ring in Your Love for Rustic Decor!

Image Source You By Poonam Kotecha

Notch things up by settling in for a rustic affair that also incorporates natural elements from the immediate surrounding.

6. When Nature is Your Backdrop Buddy, What More can You Ask for?!

Image Source Karan Sidhu Photography

If you’re having a destination wedding or happen to hail from the hills, the serene beauty of the surrounding works like a backdrop itself!

7. There’s So Much You Can Do with Kaleeras, Bet You Couldn’t Gauge.

Image Source Tuhina Chopra Photoworks

Make kaleeras an essential part of your jaimala backdrop. This intricate and idyllic gem can certainly light your frames!

8. The Charm of Chandeliers!

Image Source Studio Finesse

If opulence is on your mind, then nothing better than stunning chandeliers to illuminate your photos!

We hope you are inspired to take some leaves out of our list and channel your inner creativity to combine, collate and create interesting ideas for your cherished moment!

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