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10 Wedding Make-Up Tips And Ideas All Indian Brides Must Know! #Essentials

10 Wedding Make-Up Tips And Ideas All Indian Brides Must Know! #Essentials

We recently an all-about-makeup chat with Kajol R Paswwan, one of Mumbai’s top bridal make-up artists and she was happy to share with us some industry secrets. Check them out: 

Prioritise Eye Make-Up

Usually, applying eye make-up involves touching your face a lot, which would ruin your base make-up, if its already applied. So it’s best to get the eye make-up done first and then the base.

Loose Powder

If by chance, you have applied your base before the eye make-up, make sure you keep a coat of powder (preferably baby powder) on your upper cheek area while doing your eyes. So in case some of your eye shadow spills, or your liner touches your cheek, the powder can be easily wiped off without ruining your base.

Loose Powder

Use Liner Base

One tip is to use the same colour liner as a base before the eyeshadow so even if the shadow fades, your eyelids don’t look empty.


Use highlighter on your brow bone to pop the eye shadow.

Light Foundation

If you are fair, you can use a foundation that is one shade lighter so it’ll give you a nice glow. If you are olive skinned or dark, stick to same colour foundation as using a lighter one will make you look grey.

Light Foundation


Contouring is key to every evening look. It’s best to use 3 shades – one shade of your skin tone, one shade darker than your skin tone for shadows and one shade lighter than your skin tone for highlights.

Moisturizer / Primer

A lot of people don’t get how important this is. Prep and prime your skin with a moisturizer or primer before applying your make-up. If not, your skin will end up looking dry and the make-up, flaky.


Similar to moisturizing, your lips also need to be moist and hydrated. Use a colourless lipbalm before you apply the lipstick to give a smooth and rich colour to your lips.


Dramatic Eye Make-Up.

Don’t shy away from loud or bold eye make-up. It’ll actually look great in the pictures!

Nail Paint

Apply a base coat before the actual nail colour. This gives it something to adhere to so its stays longer / doesn’t chip off.

Hope you loved these tips. Stay tuned for more. 😀

Nail Paint


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