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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue in Mumbai – Your Step-by-Step Guide

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue in Mumbai – Your Step-by-Step Guide

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue in Mumbai? Start with these Top 10 Luxury Wedding Venues in Mumbai (with Prices) for a fairytale wedding extravaganza: 

S. No.  Venue Name  Price Per Plate (Veg)  Tripadvisor Rating 
1  Radisson Blu Mumbai International Airport Andheri East Mumbai  ₹3000  5/5 
2  Kohinoor Continental Andheri East Mumbai    ₹2000  4.0/5 
3  Goldfinch Hotel, Andheri East, Mumbai  ₹1600  4.5/5 
4  The Regenza By Tunga Vashi Mumbai  ₹1450  4.5/5  
5  The Park Navi Mumbai, CBD Belapur, Mumbai  ₹1200  4.5/5 
The Westin Mumbai Powai Lake, Powai, Mumbai  ₹4000  4.5/5  
Grand Hyatt, Santacruz East, Mumbai ₹3600  4.5/5 
JW Marriott, Juhu, Mumbai ₹3400  4.5/5 
The St. Regis, Lower Parel, Mumbai ₹4500  4.5/5 
10 Jw Marriott Sahar, Andheri East, Mumbai ₹3900  4.5/5 

Did you know that Weddingz.in offers a comprehensive list of 2400+ wedding venues in Mumbai alone? From luxury wedding venues to affordable ones, from wedding lawns to premium banquet halls, from laidback poolside banquets to buzzing terrace party areas, Weddingz.in brings all the options to your fingertips. But the million-dollar question is how to go about choosing just one wedding venue for your big day. 

If you are dreaming of getting married in the City of Dreams, Aamchi Mumbai will surprise you with the collection of wedding venues it has to offer. Looking at how our Indian weddings unfold over 2-3 days; chances are you are looking for wedding venues that can accommodate each one of the ceremonies that make Mumbai weddings so much fun. 

We are talking about pre-wedding ceremonies – roka, haldi, sangeet, mehendi, bachelorette party, engagement party, and then comes the wedding ceremony. And don’t forget about the wedding reception. Remember how many wedding receptions Deepika Padukone-Ranveer Singh hosted? We almost thought their wedding reception saga was never going to end. But you should at least have one, right? So, coming back to how to choose the perfect wedding venue in Mumbai, here’s our detailed guide to get you started on your hunt. 

How much does the Wedding Venue Cost in Mumbai? 

Let’s first answer the most burning question: how much does renting a wedding venue in Mumbai cost? The average cost of a Mumbai wedding spans somewhere around 5 to 50 lakhs. And the biggest chunk of this expense belongs to the three crucial elements of any event: venue, catering, and decor. Let’s break it down further for you to make things even clearer. The average venue rental of a wedding venue in Mumbai is Rs 1.5 lakhs. We will discuss more about it later in our wedding budget section, hold your horses till then! 

Your Step-by-Step Guide on How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue in Mumbai 

Before we jump straight onto finding the perfect venue in Mumbai for a one-of-a-kind wedding experience, it’s essential that we start with answering a few questions that will help us zero down on the wedding venue of your dreams.  

1. It’s Budget Hour – Let’s Talk Numbers! 

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue in Mumbai

Image Source: House Design Decor 

“The budget is not just a collection of numbers, but an expression of our values and aspirations.” – Jack Lew 

Coming down to the not-so glamorous part of wedding planning that dictates almost all of your wedding planning decisions – The Budget. Whoa! I am getting goosebumps, already! But don’t worry, it’s not the beginning of a scary movie, but the best way to avoid going overboard with your wedding expenses or any financial nightmare later on. 

Both of you as a couple should agree on the non-negotiables for your wedding and chalk out a comfortable wedding budget that doesn’t put a damper on your savings. 

Here’s a rough estimate of how an average Indian couple allocates their wedding budget: 

S.No. Wedding Elements % of the Wedding Budget 
Venue rental and décor 25-30% 
Catering Services 25-30% 
Photography and Videography (Pre-wedding & Wedding Shoot) 10-15% 
Wedding Couture and Jewellery 10-15% 
DJ, Entertainment, and others 10-15% 

Start with listing out your priorities. Do you want to splurge more on Bridal or groom couture? Want to be conservative when it comes to catering and decor? What kind of venue are you dreaming of? Do you have a specific wedding theme in mind? As you answer these questions, you will find yourself more and more confident about what your dream wedding venue should offer. 

Pro-Tip: Take time to define your priorities as a couple for your wedding ceremony! Be flexible and try to accommodate each other’s wishes without going overboard with your budget. 

2. What’s Your Vision of the Big Day? 

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue in Mumbai

Image Source: ALT AIR by Janki Desai 

Do you picture yourself exchanging your vows in a sundowner beach wedding, overlooking the Arabian Sea? A sophisticated indoor wedding in an air-conditioned banqueting space, away from the hot-humid weather of Mumbai city? Or an outdoor wedding in Mumbai that lets you experiment with Bollywood-style bridal and groom entry? 

Defining your wedding style and preferences as a couple will give you a list of negotiables and deal breakers that you can work through to find the perfect venue for a wedding in Mumbai. 

Pro-Tip: If you need more inspiration for your wedding, don’t forget to check out Weddingz.in Instagram. 

3. The Wedding Guest List 

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue in Mumbai

Image Source: House Design Decor 

Okay, let’s divide and conquer thy guest list! Imagine you, your spouse, and the A-team at your wedding function in Mumbai. First, only the team members you need—your families, close relatives, and lifelong friends. Plus-ones? Stay strong, folks. Now, consider tiers: top-tier VIPs, second-tier favorites, and third-tier favorites for good measure. 

Finally, stick to your guest list like glue —no last-minute changes are allowed. Mumbai calls, so let’s keep it simple, mean and oh-so-chic! 

Pro-Tip: Keep it as intimate as possible so you can splurge more on the wedding experience rather than focusing on the basics for a larger guest-list. 

4. The Location of Your Choice 

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue in Mumbai

Image Source: Stories by Joseph Radhik 

There are pros and cons to every location. Whether you are looking for a prime location or a location close to home so that you don’t spend your precious time stuck in Mumbai traffic, the decision is yours and only yours. While a prime location may cost you extra, the one nearby may fetch you a good deal in terms of logistics for invitees as well. If your guests don’t mind traveling a bit, you can choose a location away from the hustle bustle of the city keeping in mind that the venue also offers lodging facilities for guests too. 

Pro Tip: Think about where the majority of your guests are located, how much traveling will be required. 

5. Top Wedding Venues in Mumbai 

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue in Mumbai - Banquet Hall in Radisson Blu MIA

Banquet Hall in Radisson Blu MIA 

Wedding venues in Mumbai come with a wide range of banqueting spaces designed to meet everyone’s event styles and preferences. These include lavish banquet halls, beach wedding venues, wedding lawns, terrace banquets, poolside lawns, and more. You can book versatile party areas for different ceremonies or events during the 2-3 days of wedding celebration without having to pick different wedding venues that may cause confusion among the guests too.  

And that’s where Weddingz.in comes into the picture. India’s largest Wedding Company brings to you a diverse selection of wedding venues in Mumbai with best prices available on each. Our Weddingz Managed Venues guarantee of a hassle-free event will elevate your event experience up a notch. Let’s take you on a tour of the top wedding venues in Mumbai, handpicked by our venue experts. 

I had to compromise big-time on my wedding venue because I started looking for one mere 3 months before the saya date. Not a good idea, folks! 

Pro-Tip #1: Speaking from my own experience, try booking your dream wedding venue in Mumbai at least 6-12 months in advance. 

Pro-Tip #2: Shortlist at least 5 wedding venues in Mumbai – Always keep a backup for your backup too! 

Explore Top 10 Banquet Halls in Mumbai (Best Prices available only on Weddingz.in) 

S. No.  Venue Name  Price Per Plate (Veg)  
Golden Leaf Banquet, Malad West, Mumbai  ₹1200  
Vivette Banquet, Malad West, Mumbai  ₹1200  
Vows Banquet, Prabhadevi, Mumbai  ₹1199  
Renaissance Federation Club Banquet, Andheri West, Mumbai   ₹800  
Prasad Food Divine (Kalyan), Kalyan, Mumbai  ₹799  
De Grandeur Hotel and Banquets Thane West Mumbai  ₹800  
Mumbai Metro The Executive Hotel, Andheri East, Mumbai  ₹800  
Divine Banquet Hall, Borivali West, Mumbai ₹1000  
Khalsa Banquet Hall And Mini Ground, Matunga, Mumbai ₹750  
10 Tirupati Banquet Hall, Mira Bhayandar, Mumbai ₹850  

Are you looking for something on your budget? Check out Top 10 Affordable Wedding Venues in Mumbai (with prices): 

S. No.Top 10 Affordable Wedding Venues in MumbaiPrice Per Plate (Veg)
Diamond Banquet, Chembur, Mumbai  ₹550  
Ostwal Bageecha, Bhayander East, Mumbai  ₹600  
The Heritage Marriage Hall, Dombivli, Mumbai  ₹450  
Kings Banquet, Mira Bhayandar, Mumbai  ₹600  
Madhav Banquet, Thane West, Mumbai  ₹595  
Maharaja Banquet Hall Thane West Mumbai  ₹485  
Imperial Banquets, Vashi, Mumbai  ₹650  
Deshastha Maratha Bhavan, Sanpada, Mumbai ₹550  
Jainam Banquet Hall, Bhandup, Mumbai ₹400  
10 Mauli Grand Banquet, Mira Road, Mumbai ₹500  

Are You Dreaming of a Beach Wedding? Here are Top 10 Beach Wedding Venues in Mumbai: 

S. No.  Top 10 Beach Wedding Venues in MumbaiPrice Per Plate (Veg)  
1  Sun N Sand Mumbai, Juhu, Mumbai ₹3000  
2  JW Marriott, Juhu, Mumbai ₹3400  
3  Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach, Juhu, Mumbai ₹2600  
4  Sea Princess, Juhu, Mumbai ₹2200  
5  Razzberry Rhinoceros, Juhu, Mumbai ₹2200  
Palm Beach Resort, Borivali West, Mumbai ₹2500  
Dinu Beach Resort Gorai, Borivali West, Mumbai ₹900  
Big Mama, Malad West, Mumbai ₹650  
Picxy Sea Resort, Borivali West, Mumbai ₹700  
10 Cigad Hotel And Resort, Mira Bhayandar, Mumbai ₹700  

Fancy an outdoor wedding in Mumbai? Top 10 Outdoor Wedding Venues and Terrace Banquets in Mumbai (Best Prices available) just for you: 

S. No.  Top 10 Outdoor Wedding Venues and Terrace Banquets in MumbaiPrice Per Plate (Veg)  
1  Radisson Blu Mumbai International Airport Andheri East Mumbai  ₹3000  
2  Athena Banquet, Powai, Mumbai  ₹1800  
3  The Park Navi Mumbai, CBD Belapur, Mumbai  ₹1200  
4  Nidhivan Lawn, Malad West, Mumbai ₹1000  
5  Suraj Water Park, Thane West, Mumbai ₹800  
Korakendra Grounds And Domes, Borivali West, Mumbai ₹800  
The Courtyard, Thane West, Mumbai ₹675  
Velvet Garden And Lawn, Thane West, Mumbai ₹650  
Ostwal Bageecha, Bhayander East, Mumbai  ₹600  
10 Dream Paradise, Kalyan, Mumbai ₹500  

6. Don’t forget about the food! 

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue in Mumbai - catering preferences

Image Source: ALT AIR by Janki Desai 

Happy guests are the best! And good food is the sure shot way to make your guests happy and participate in your wedding festivities. Most of the wedding venues in Mumbai do provide in-house caterers who can customize the menu to your heart’s desire. Customization always comes at a cost. So. the biggest decision here is whether you want to choose a wedding venue in Mumbai that provides catering too. Or do you want to hire an external vendor? 

Whether you want to layout a continental spread or international cuisines, make sure you adhere to your guests’ preferences. Nothing makes the Indian audience blissful that live food counters for chaats, paani pooris, and dosas. Don’t forget the dessert counter – moong daal halwas, gulab jamuns, and ice-creams, and whatnot. You can add some international selections to your beverage and dessert counters. 

7. Decor – A magical setting for your wedding? 

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue in Mumbai - decor preferences

Image Source: ALT AIR by Janki Desai 

With wedding ceremonies moving towards creating more and more personalized experiences, the best wedding venues in Mumbai offer all the modern facilities and amenities, whimsical wedding stage decoration, ambient lighting, comfortable seating arrangements, magical mandap settings, and spacious dance floors so that all your guests can shake a leg together. 

8. Accommodation, Parking, and Other Amenities 

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue in Mumbai - lodging & parking

Image Source: Dipak Studios 

In most of the weddings, the bridal party or groom’s party don’t share the location. So, check with the venue to see if they provide lodging facilities too, as it will be easier for the traveling party to enjoy the festivities, without fretting over transport arrangements. 

Recently, we have seen a lot of couples including their furry family members in the celebrations too. If you have a paw-pal that you want to play host to during your wedding, check with your shortlisted venues to see if they are pet-friendly or not? 

Finding public car parking in Mumbai is very tricky. If you have lots of local guests planning to drive down to the venue, it will take a load off if the wedding venue provides ample parking space too. 

9. Read Reviews and Get Recommendations from Our Venue Managers: 

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue in Mumbai - reviews & recommendations

Banquet Hall in Golden Leaf Banquet Malad 

Our venue managers know each of our Weddingz Managed Venues like the back of their palm! With our years of experience and expertise in the wedding industry, matching customers with the perfect venue for weddings in Mumbai is what we do best. You can also read reviews from our verified customers to know what to expect from your shortlisted venue. 

From jaw-dropping decor to mouth-watering food, we got the lowdown on what each of the wedding venues in Mumbai represents. Trust us, with our insider tips, you will be one step closer to turning your Mumbai wedding dreams into reality. 

10. Shubh Vivah Dates & Venue Availability: 

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue in Mumbai - Saya Dates & Venue availability

Image Source: House on the Clouds 

The Indian wedding season can impact wedding venue availability and pricing to the extent that all the good ones get booked for popular Shubh Vivah dates in the blink of an eye. Plus, venues and vendors charge premium rates for peak wedding season. 

You can add something seasonal friendly to your wedding in Mumbai too! When choosing your date, consider cool breezes and clear skies for a relaxing outdoor experience. Aim to go November through February to avoid those surprise rain showers or guests shivering in the heat. Whether you’re dodging the rain or basking in the sun, your timing is key to keeping your Mumbai bash spartan, sassy, and oh-so-fabulous! 

Pro Tip: If you are okay with an off-season wedding — you’ll snag a sweet deal on your favorite venue and vendor without going overboard with your budget!  

11. Visit Potential Wedding Venues in Mumbai: 

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue in Mumbai - Venue Tour

Banquet hall in Vivette Banquet Malad 

Well, Weddingz.in makes this step a lot easier for you. One of the unique features Weddingz Managed Venues offer, pre-booking venue tours with our Expert Venue Managers. You can even ask for a virtual tour if you are unable to come down to the venue yourself. 

12. Book Early and Confirm Details: 

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue in Mumbai - Confirm Booking

Image Source: House on the Clouds 

It’s time to close those plans and seal the deal—the early bird gets the wedding venue of their dreams! Mumbai hotspots book up faster than you can say “I do”, so don’t wait till the last minute. 

Once you’ve found your dream wedding venue in Mumbai, don’t wait around—emphasize that tie, immediately! Dot the i’s, cross those t’s, and make sure every detail is set in stone. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than a last-minute scramble for the perfect venue for a wedding in Mumbai.  

Pro-Tip: We can’t seem to emphasize enough on this one! Book your dream wedding venue in Mumbai 6-12 months in advance to avoid any heartbreaks later on. 

So, which wedding venue in Mumbai did you choose from our curated list of Top Wedding Venues in Mumbai? 

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue in Mumbai 

Q. What is the most important thing to consider when choosing a wedding venue in Mumbai? 

A: When choosing a wedding venue in Mumbai for any event, your first step should always be finalizing a budget and your guest list. Once you have a rough estimate for both, you can then proceed to figure out your wedding style and location preferences accordingly. 

Q. How far in advance should I book a wedding venue in Mumbai?   

A. The event slots available at the popular and premium banquet halls in Mumbai get booked very fast on the most-favored Saya dates or Shubh Vivah dates. We recommend booking your favorite venue 6 to 12 months in advance to ensure availability on your desired date.  

Q. What types of wedding venues are available in Mumbai?  

A: Wedding venues in Mumbai offer you a varied selection of banqueting spaces that include beach wedding venues, banquet halls, marriage gardens, terrace banquets, poolside lawns, convention centers, and many other options. 

Q. How do I find the best wedding venue in Mumbai?  

A. Visit Weddingz.in – select the city and a locality of your interest, and use a few filters, such as banquet type, price range, and meal preference, to obtain a list of venues in your city that meet your needs. Once you have a list of all the top wedding venues in Mumbai, it will be easy for you to choose the ideal location for your big day.  

Q. How can I find wedding venues in Mumbai with prices and photos?  

A. Weddingz.in brings you a comprehensive list of wedding venues in Mumbai with prices and photos. For Weddingz-managed venues, we display exclusively curated photos, and our guarantee of the best price on your selected venue makes shortlisting even easier for you.  

Q. How do I know if a venue can accommodate all my guests? 

A. All the wedding venues listed on Weddingz.in provide you with theater-style seating capacity and the maximum seating capacity of each of the party areas offered. if you want to ensure that there is enough space for dining, dancing, and other activities, you can book a guided tour of the venue and that should help you visualize how your event will unfold. 

Q. What things should I look for in a wedding venue? 

A. Here are a few things that you should add to your venue checklist: catering, decor, air-conditioning (for hot humid Mumbai weather), parking spaces, complimentary changing rooms/bridal suite, lodging facilities (for bridal or groom’s party), any restrictions on baraat, hawan, and firecrackers. 

Q. How do seasonal factors affect wedding planning in Mumbai? 

A: The weather in Mumbai can be unpredictable. November to February is ideal for outdoor weddings because of the cool, dry weather. The rainy season (June to September) can be tough for outdoor events, so plan accordingly. Don’t forget about Indian wedding season too – things will get a bit pricier around it. Plus, venue availability is the major concern.

Q. Can I negotiate prices with wedding venues in Mumbai? 

A: At Weddingz.in, we always bring you the best price available in the market for a particular Shubh Vivah Date. If you are willing for an off-season wedding, you can get a sweet deal from venues and vendors. Plus, it never hurts to ask for some extra discount, right? 

Q. Can I visit the wedding venues in Mumbai before booking?  

A. Yes, you can surely visit a venue before booking. One of the key features offered by Weddingz.in includes in-person guided visits with our venue experts. Apart from that, Weddingz Managed Venues offers a special feature of virtual tours, where our venue experts will give you a virtual tour of the shortlisted venue that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.  

Q. What important questions should I ask a venue when visiting? 

A: Important questions include: 

1. What all charges are included in the wedding venue cost? 

2. Are there any restrictions (noise levels, overnight weddings, firecrackers, alcohol)? 

3. Is there a backup available for outdoor party areas in case of bad weather? 

4. Are there any royalties or hidden costs you should be aware of? 

5. Can I hire an external caterer or decorator? 

Q. How important are research and recommendations when choosing a venue? 

A: It’s very important! Just like you read the reviews before buying a product online, the same goes for venues as well. You can find verified customer reviews on Weddingz.in and Google as well about any of the venues. When it comes to recommendations, nobody knows a wedding venue in Mumbai like our Venue Managers do.  

Q. What is the final step after choosing a venue? 

A: Once you have chosen the venue, confirm all the details in writing. Be sure to review and sign the contract, and keep a copy for your records. Pay close attention to billing and cancellation policies to avoid surprises. 

References & Image Sources:


Stories by Joseph Radhik 

ALT AIR by Janki Desai 

House Design Decor 

House on the Clouds 

Dipak Studios 

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