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Mehndi Designs 2024: The Latest Trends You Need to See Right Now!

Mehndi Designs 2024: The Latest Trends You Need to See Right Now!

Be it a TeejTyohar, Karwa Chauth, Raksha Bandhan, or Wedding, Mehndi has a very sacred place in all our festive rituals. Not only Mehndi designs 2024 complete your festive look for the day, but there is something magical about gathering around and decorating each other’s hands with henna or hiring a mehndi artist to take care of that while your gang of girls enjoys the celebration. It brings all of us together, and isn’t a festival all about family time? All the mehndi designs 2024 latest images you have been looking for are right here!

Scroll down to see the latest mehndi designs for hands and legs that are ruling the wedding scene right now! Both the bride and the gang of ladkiwale can save these mehndi designs 2024 latest images and share them in their shadiwale groups on WhatsApp for major inspiration!

1. Mehndi designs latest: Egyptian Henna

Image Source: The Henna House by Angela

If you are done with painting your palms with Indian and Arabic mehndi designs, then these Egyptian henna designs are the perfect choice for you. These mehndi designs commonly include motifs like the Wadjet Eye (known as the symbol of protection) and the Blue Nile Lotus (symbolizes purity and resurrection), which have been around ancient times! Get yourself a cool and quirky mehndi like this to stand out from the crowd!

2. Mehndi designs latest: Lace Glove Pattern Henna

Image Source: Sara’s Henna

Image Source: Girly Henna

Image Source: Jesma Mithun

If you are looking for the latest mehndi designs for hands that have a contemporary style, then these lace glove motif designs make for a fine choice. They have floral patterns along with intricate mesh motifs that make them resemble a lace glove!

3. Mehndi designs latest: Dreamcatcher pattern

Image Source: The Henna House by Angela

Image Source: Tatyana Kilinskaya

Originally used as talismans to protect sleeping people, dreamcatchers have become home decor items in pop culture. Due to their beautiful shape, they have also become a popular motif among the latest mehndi designs. If you too love the dreamcatcher, get one as a mehndi for your bestie’s wedding! It will surely be a great conversation starter! 😉

4. Mehndi designs latest: Aztec patterns

Image Source: Toko Mehndi

Image Source: Henna Lounge

While Aztec patterns are a popular motif for permanent tattoos, it has recently started being used in henna designs. If you fancy geometric shapes, fine lines, and symmetric patterns, then Aztec mehndi is something you should definitely give a shot!

5. Mehndi designs latest: Bohemian Patterns

Image Source: The Henna House by Angela

Channel your inner bohemian chic with these latest mehndi design images and use them as a reference for your next festive occasion! If you are a quirky bride who wants to try something different, then these boho henna designs are all that you need to show your mehndi artist for inspiration!

6. Mehndi designs latest: Moroccan Patterns

Image Source: Tatyana Kilinskaya

Apart from the Indian sub-continent and Egypt if there is any other place that has been using henna since ancient times, it is Morocco. Just like Aztec mehndi, this latest mehndi design uses a lot of geometric shapes, especially diamond shapes.

7. Mehndi designs latest: Khelijee Henna

Image source: Mehndi Artist Hira

Image source: Mehndi Artist Hira

Image source: Mehndi Artist Hira

Khaleeji, also known as the Persian Gulf is an unusual style of mehndi design, which makes use of free-flowing patterns, unique layouts, whimsical floral,  negative space, and abstract motifs. If you love bold and eye-catching henna designs, then Khaleeji is the latest mehndi design you should definitely give a try!

8. Mehndi designs latest: Bird motifs

While peacocks have been a prevalent motif in traditional Indian mehndi designs, birds like sparrows and parrots have come into the picture recently. If you like cutesy mehndi patterns, then these latest mehndi designs with bird images are a must-save to your phone!

9. Mehndi designs latest: Half moon patterns

Image Source: Rifas Henna Alain

If you are looking for dainty and latest mehndi designs to wear for Eid, Karwa Chauth or smaller festive occasions, then these mehndi designs with crescent moon motifs are something you should certainly try!

10. Mehndi designs latest: Bracelet and hand jewelry patterns

Image Source: Henna Girl UK

Who wants to wear bracelets when you can design them on your wrist, right? These latest mehndi designs for hands have floral motifs along with bead strings and are drawn to resemble hand chains, bracelets, or bangles!

Let us know if you liked any of these latest mehndi designs images, and if you want to see more such mehndi designs, comment below!

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