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The Toast: The 5 Best People To Consider For The Most Important Time Of The Day

The Toast: The 5 Best People To Consider For The Most Important Time Of The Day

Wedding toasts are a moment that is shared not only by the couple and the person giving it but also with everyone present in the hall. While some just have one person or two to say a few words you must keep in mind to pick people who really know you and your partner. A toast must be fun, emotional and brief. One thing we’ve learned from experience is that only when the person giving the toast knows the couple, do all those points coke out clearly. 


So to help you make your decision, we’ve narrowed down the list to the top five people or pairs who always make the best speeches for weddings. Do not be afraid to mix and match. And remember to ask your photographer to be ready to capture the emotions on your face during this moment. 


1. Your Parents / Your Guardians

Image Source: jennifersee.studios


The two people that have made the guests cry at a wedding are the parents of the bride and the groom. They somehow know the right words, they offer the best advice and also have tons of funny stories of the couple growing up. They may embarrass you to an extent but that’s life.


Tip: Give your parents a time limit and ask your maid of honour to go over the toast with them. 


2. The Two Mums/ Dad

Image Source: ryanandrich


So while asking all four to speech makes for a longer toast, why not focus just on the two mums or dads? One fact that we’ve come across is how observant the father of the bride is about his new son-in-law. We love watching him tear up as his little girl is on her way to start her own family. It is always the most emotional moment. 


Tip: Make sure your maid of honour has looked over the time limit with them. Also, ask them to talk about similar topics. For eg: Talk about your favourite hobbies or the funniest moment as a kid. It will help connect the two speeches. 


3. All Your Siblings

Image Source: narkdilbophotographer


Your siblings have been through almost everything with you. They’ve held your hand through the tough times and also watched you embarrass yourself in your young adult years. If you have more than one sibling and they are all of different age groups, ask them to say a few words on their understanding of you as a person and you as a couple. This will bring out such fond memories and fun tidbits. 


Tips: Ask them to stick to one specific memory each of you shares. Their renditions of the same memory will be beautiful and offer up different perspectives to the same story.


4.Your Partner’s Best Friend

Image Source: Melbourne Wedding Photographer


Now, this is a slightly tricky one. Ask your best friend to speak about your husband and vice versa. As much as you may deny it, we all know how important it is to be accepted by your partner’s best friend. If you do share this close relationship with them asking them to toast to the couple will offer an outlook on who they assumed their BFF would end up with. 


Tip: Check with them and your partner in advance if they like the idea and are comfortable with it. 


5. A School Teacher

Image Source: Saltpinephoto


Remember your favourite school or college teacher? The one that always offered you advice or helped you with your grades or noticed when you skipped class? Not many of us realise how important it was for us when they expressed these gestures. They watched us grow from the awkward kid in their class to the person sitting in front of them today. They’ll offer advice and fun hacks for the perfect wedding. 


Tip: As a teacher, they understand what is acceptable and not in public. So you will not need to worry about double-checking their speech. 


There are many people who would be perfect to toast to you as a couple. Make sure you know them and they know you! 

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