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The Ultimate Guide to Pre-Wedding Photography Ideas to Bookmark

No wedding is complete without the perfect wedding photographs. No matter how your wedding day will turn out to be, one thing that we all look forward to being perfect is the wedding pictures, because that is what you are going to cherish for the life to come, right? However, the world of photography is indeed an enchanting one with a lot of options available out there. Once you’ll enter it you’ll be lost as to what kind of photography you want to choose, pre-wedding photography, post-wedding photography, poses, ideas, themes, bridal or groom portrait, the one with the entire fam-jam, or the favorite of them all, the wedding couple portrait, and so on. So be it the best of pre-wedding photography or wedding portraits, post-wedding shoots, or capturing all your fun and frolic moments, there is much to appreciate and celebrate. However, today with this blog we are going to tell you all about pre-wedding photography. We all love and swoon over those perfect timeless frames that are and will always be reminiscent of the beautiful memories made in the process. Be it a photograph in any style or pose, the beauty encapsulated in each of these simply seems unending! 

So, are you going to get married soon, or are you just a photographer looking for motivations to hone your skills, no matter what is the reason that you are looking at pre-wedding photography ideas, you’ve definitely come to the right place. If you are one of them and you are just super excited about pre-wedding photography, then with this blog, we are sure that you will get much of the inspiration you are looking for to add meaning to the pre-wedding photography pictures. We have put in all our efforts to make an ultimate guide to pre-wedding photography ideas to bookmark. Without further ado, let’s dive straight in and unfold the magic of each of these well-composed, cleverly-shot and warmly-expressed ideas of pre-wedding photography that we have to offer. Before knowing directly about the types and ideas that you can choose, let us see why do we exactly need to go ahead with a pre-wedding photography spree. Let’s Go!

Why Pre-Wedding Photography is the Way Forward!

So, what is there for you in a pre-wedding photoshoot, and why should you opt for it? To begin with, one should prefer pre-wedding photography so that they get to spend more time with their partners and get to know each other better. Secondly, a pre-wedding photography shoot also helps with trials of make-up and hairstyles, you will end up knowing what suits you the best for your big day. Thirdly, a pre-wedding photography shoot allows the couple to get comfortable in front of the camera and understand their best angles of photos before the wedding, you’ll know exactly which profile you have to flaunt on your wedding day. And of course, a pre-wedding photoshoot also creates memorable moments and photos which can be used as wall art and frames in one’s house and also for the decor at your wedding day itself. 

Now, how do plan to go ahead with your pre-wedding photography? Are you ready with what theme you are going to pick? Wait a bit more. There is something before going ahead with the type you want to pick. You should be well aware of all the tips and tricks of pre-wedding photography. Jump on-board with us. 

Tips and Tricks to Nail Your Pre-Wedding Photography!

No wonder that new trends and styles of pre-wedding photography keep popping on your screens every day and leave you in an overwhelming state. It indeed is a herculean task to not only select a photographer but also decide what you expect from the pictures. The ever mesmerizing themes of pre-wedding photoshoot can make one feel like this is impossible to accomplish but trust us, there are ways you can master these photographs without going crazy. The following are some essential tips and tricks to keep in in order to nail your pre-wedding photography shoot. 

  1. Select a theme for your pre-wedding photography– The first step is of course to pick a theme. You should choose a theme according to what accentuates your feel with your partner, the place, and the mood that you feel speaks about your story. There are many themes such as dreamy, vintage, adventurous, silhouettes, dramatic, and many more pre-wedding photography themes. Choosing a theme is important because when you are comfortable with a setting, it comes across in the photos clearly and enhances them more.
  2. Make it super FUN– The camera captures you and your partner in your truest form. There is no hiding. Do things that make you both have fun. You’ll not only discover more about each other during the pre-wedding photoshoot but also be able to adapt to each other’s likings, tastes, and preferences. Play a game or simply listen to music together amidst the scenery that you have picked to be your pre-wedding photography backdrop. The fun and the love together is the best combination, and it definitely is going to make your pictures look the best.
  3. Prop it up– Another step to make it fun and lovely is to add props. Whether you are capturing a beautiful dinner setting or just capturing candid shots of you and your partner watching a movie, there are props for every occasion to amp up your pre-wedding photography game. 
  4. Don’t be afraid to be who you are as a couple– As you know camera captures every detail. So, whether it’s your first time in front of a professional camera or your 100th, all of us, feel scared in the beginning. But take a step back & imagine looking at these photographs 20 years later. What would you like to see? What would make you and your partner smile? Don’t be afraid to express and experiment with your pre-wedding photography ideas and themes.

There is only so much that one can play around with at a wedding, but there are literally tonnes of ideas and experiments you can do to make your pre-wedding photos the way you’ve always envisioned them to be. More than showing off your partner on the gram, it will be your journey of getting to know each other and making it to your big wedding day. Now let’s check on some of the amazing styles and themes that you can pick for your stunning pre-wedding photoshoot.

Pre-Wedding Photography Themes/Ideas You Can Choose!

If you’re looking to kickstart your wedding photography journey, the best way to go about is to opt for a fun pre-wedding photoshoot! As we already said that, to begin with, a pre-wedding photography spree you need to pick a theme. The theme should speak aloud your love story. It is the art of capturing moments leading up to the wedding as well as offering a glimpse of the chemistry shared by the couple. To help you ace your pre-wedding photoshoot here are a couple of themes and ideas you can explore:

Dreamy Pre-Wedding Photoshoot: This kind of photo shoot entails an extremely creative and imaginative background which is nearly surreal coupled with the use of extravagant props.

Vintage Pre-Wedding Photoshoot: This kind of pre-wedding shoot gives a royal and elegant feel to the frames. It entails the use of vintage jewelry, furniture, and background.   

Adventurous Pre-Wedding Photoshoot: This includes offbeat milieus like forests, mountains, and lakes.

Silhouette Pre-Wedding Photoshoot: This kind of pre-wedding photoshoot is characterized by the use of low-lights highlighting the outline of the couple and creating a romantic mood with the help of a shadow.

Dramatic Pre-Wedding Photoshoot: As the name suggests, the dramatic pre-wedding photoshoot is the art of capturing the dynamics of the couple in a quirky, dramatic, and innovative way. 

These are a few to start your thinking process, you’ll come across a hundred more, but remember to pick what you feel is the best fit for you and your “The One’. Now let’s see what poses you can choose to amp up your pre-wedding photography.

Pre-Wedding Photography Poses You Can Opt for!

In this era of Instagram and Pinterest, there is no dearth of options for you to zero down on those perfect pre-wedding photoshoot poses. Once you are thorough with your theme, you should know what poses you are going to try. A well planned pre-wedding photography idea will surely turn out to be wonders. To help you in this journey, we’ve listed the top five poses/ideas you could draw inspiration from for this wedding season. Without further ado, let’s dive straight in!

#Pet Love: If your life is incomplete without them, your pre-wedding shoot isn’t complete without them either!

#Bollywood style Romance: If you are a typical Bollywood style romantic couple, mushy, dramatic, or choreographed cozy couple poses are a must for you!

#Art’s the Way: If you’re an artsy couple – add in a pop of colors, patterns, and some out of box quirky ideas to put together your perfect shot!

#Pose With a Dose of Love & Laughter: What’s life without your sense of humor! A picture capturing the magic of love with a pinch of humor or melodramatic poses are a must :p

#Bold & Beautiful: Whether you’re keeping them to yourself or sharing them with the whole wide world, you can’t miss out on capturing some steamy pictures!

With this, we have almost covered everything that we could cover everything that you can do for your pre-wedding photography. The dresses you choose and the props you picked is based on the theme and the poses you have picked. It also depends on what you and your partner feel will look amazing in your pictures and the tip that we would give is that coordinate your color with your partner. So, are you all set with your idea? Wait, we have a little bonus for you. Along with pre-wedding photography, we have a little say in your wedding photography too. Further, you can read how you can prepare for your wedding shoot and then a little glimpse of the types of wedding photography.

Well, folks, here’s hoping that you have much inspiration to take from this blog, more so nail your pre-wedding photography shoot. Remember to bookmark this page and keep it handy!

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