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Sartaj & Dana Hua Hin : A couple who are truly each other’s better halves!

Sartaj & Dana Hua Hin : A couple who are truly each other’s better halves!

A soulmate usually only comes once in your life to shake things up, show your true love, and stand up to you in ways no one else ever has. They adore you yet challenge you to your full potential. A soulmate relationship isn't only peaches and cream – its roses with thorns. – Anonymous.  

Perhaps this is what defines Sartaj and Dana's's love story in a nutshell. The couple had a chance meeting at a social get-together in 2016. They gradually fell in love. Not just like that, but a series of fortunate events led them to realise their feelings for each other truly!

They realised they made a great team together. What one lacked, the other stepped in to complete each other. In short, they both balanced each other, kept each other happy and were there for each other throughout. There were times when the couple were travelling across foreign lands but had no means of communication, "With 0% cell phone battery, no idea where our hotel was and not speaking a word of the local tongue with a flight to catch in a few hours. After getting out of a couple of experiences like that, we knew we were meant to be…" says Dana.

The Proposal

Sartaj says, "I proposed to her, at a very vulnerable point of my life which was a very private moment for the both of us. I had lost someone very near and dear to me. Lots of tears were shed, it wasn't at some fancy location but in our living room and we will never forget that moment. It will always be ours."

The Wedding

Getting married was the next natural progression for the couple. As they belonged to very different communities and countries, both wanted to honour their cultures. They also wanted their wedding to be one big party and therefore, settled for a destination wedding in Thailand. They chose the stunning property of The Palayana, Hua Hin overlooking the Cha-am coast.

To plan their wedding, they chose to work with wedding planner Kavneet Champi of The Wedding Galore, Bangkok. "Kavneet handled everything for us, we visited her at her office in Bangkok in May the same year, and the rest was managed over the phone and WhatsApp. Kavneet was awesome, she had her list of things to do and made sure we signed off on them in a timely manner even if we on our end were lagging, she kept up the pace and ensured we had a great wedding. The logistics were handled greatly; we got a more of a simple wedding which is what we wanted and memories for a lifetime." says Sartaj.

For their wedding clothes, they chose designers based on their personal preferences that weren't the same or the usual ones that people prefer these days.

"For all the other vendors we went with The Wedding Galore's suggestions." In fact, putting their wedding together was a breeze. "We didn't encounter any major problems or issues as such, it was a lot less stressful than we imagined," says Sartaj.

Another vital thing to note is the venue – The Palayana. Nestled around the bay of Thailand, it offers stunning views, pristine beaches, brilliant poolside options and much more. The folks at Wedding Galore took advantage of this while planning the wedding as each event had a different venue within the resort.

The Dream Team

Photographer – Sunny Dhiman Photography

Bridal wear – Anita Dongre, Joy Mitra, Preeti S. Kapoor

Groomswear – Personal Tailor

Makeup Artist – Makeup by Nui

Wedding Planner – The Wedding Galore

Decorator – Pavarit & Co.

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