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Tusshar & Megha Delhi : ‘When two sceptical hearts met, they entwined in love together forever.’

Tusshar & Megha Delhi : ‘When two sceptical hearts met, they entwined in love together forever.’

“The moment we begin to seek love, love begins to seek us. And to save us.” ― Paulo Coelho

From being sceptical about the idea of marriage to finding meaning and value in it on meeting each other, the universe played an integral part in Megha and Tusshar’s love story. What can one make of the fact that two souls who had inhibitions about the institution itself, would be introduced to each other through an arranged marriage set-up and end up together for eternity? But that is the beauty of love and the divine power of the universe. To put it precisely in Megha’s words, “We both found someone who would break those walls and make it seamless.” 

After meeting each other all their doubts and apprehensions quickly vanished and they were sure they wanted to be with each other. It was a feeling neither of them had ever felt before! Hence, without further ado, they decided to take the plunge and were all set to ring in their much sought-after wedding at the ITC Mughal Agra in mid-April.

Enter the Lockdown

Imagine a scenario where your alarm goes off, you’re up late and your entire day and schedule goes for a toss. Now imagine, you magically find the love of your life, have the blessings of your loved ones and make all the preps to walk down the aisle and an indefinite lockdown is declared on account of a global pandemic outbreak! Even a day gone unplanned can leave us frenzied, this is but, a momentous marriage. Frustration and uncertainty soon followed for the couple and their respective families. But just like every dark cloud has a silver lining, Megha and Tusshar too chanced upon theirs. Megha recounts, “The following lockdown paused all our wedding plans indefinitely. Not knowing any way forward we sat confused and disappointed. We decided that the best way to kick start our new lives is an intimate wedding, with our close families, following all possible safety guidelines. So as soon as we were given relief by the government is when we started planning it again.” 

Needless to say, where there is a will, there is a way!

The Wedding Story

With an overly enthusiastic and supportive group of family and friends organizing a ‘lockdown wedding’ felt like a piece of cake. Going down from 300 people to just 30 was hard to come to terms with in the beginning but then the couple realized it’s the wedding that matters the most and their closest ones- families and close friends will anyway be there with them. Hence, what followed next, was a meticulous, methodic and memorable period of preps that could also make for a masterclass in D-I-Y!

Doing the décor with makeshift materials brought everyone together. Backdrops were created using flowers from their home garden! They literally had to personally cut off spring flowers from the trees around their house. 

 Since Megha has a clothing brand of her own (those rare moments when you’re super proud of your career choices) apparels weren’t an issue. However, wanting to give a heritage touch to her bridal look, she opted for her mother’s resplendent gold vintage saree! She paired this with breathtaking antique jewellery. Tusshar perfectly complemented his lady love in a smart black bandhgala. Close friends, Gomit Chopra and Gautam Khullar agreed to do the makeup and photography respectively. This is how the couple rocked in their looks and everything seamlessly fell into place.

The icing on the cake was the support of over 150 people- friends, extended family and colleagues who cheered and showered love and blessings over zoom!

To sum up their unique nuptial journey and choice of wedding, Megha says, “For all the upcoming brides wanting to get married at this time we would just like to say be brave and be loving. It all just works out in the end.”

Truly, all’s well that ends well. Or shall we say, begins well!


The Dream Team

Decor: Done by bride and cousins – using flowers – DIY

Brides Outfit: MKRL 

Photography: Gautam Khullar Photography

Makeup: Gomit Chopra

Venue: Bride’s Home


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Wedding Date - May 2020
Wedding Location - Delhi

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