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Naveen & Venisa Chennai : An Intimate South-Indian Wedding held at MK Mahal, Chennai

Naveen & Venisa Chennai : An Intimate South-Indian Wedding held at MK Mahal, Chennai

A wedding celebration amidst a storm. While Chennai city was hit hard with the flood last year, Venisa and Naveen were celebrating the power of love at their intimate wedding held at MK Mahal, Chennai.

Venisa and Naveen both met in the US and they got in touch with me early last year. Although they are very well planned about everything , just before their wedding Chennai witnessed massive floods during Nov end/Dec 2015. Venisa was with her family in Mumbai and Naveen was with his family in Chennai. The Chennai airport was shut due to the floods and all our tickets were cancelled. I was just not sure if the wedding was still going to happen on the same dates.. However, Venisa and Naveen took it all in their stride.- Burn Pixels Photography

This groom and bride made most of their sombre wedding at MK Mahal with the people who made it through harsh times to be with them. Journey’s that would take minimal amounts of time got stretched to hours! In a situation like that, Venisa and Naveen still had the courage to seal this love in a bond of marriage. This bride’s stunning choice of Kanjeevaram sarees, gold maathapattis and minimal makeup left us mesmerized.

Shot exquisitely by Burn Pixels Photography who captured their special day in all its beauty!

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Wedding Date - December 2015
Wedding Location - Chennai

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