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5 Easy Ways for Brides to Avoid Frizzy Hair

5 Easy Ways for Brides to Avoid Frizzy Hair

Brides-to-be these days are super particular and borderline paranoid about whether or not their tresses will remain perfect during their wedding functions. And why not? After all, every bride wants to look her best version on her D-day, right? Imagine waking up only to see your hair is frizzy and unmanageable just a couple of hours before your function. Scary, right?


Frizz is a result of the lack of moisture level in the hair, due to which the hair tries to soak in moisture from the surrounding air. This is turn causes the cuticle layer of the hair to rise, allowing moisture to set in, thus causing the strands of hair to swell up


 Now, if you are a bride who is worried about showing off those tresses because of frizz and static hair, you are reading the right blog, because there is a 99.9999% chance that you will find your solution right here:


1.Anti-frizz products


Every hair problem has a specific product- be it hair loss, damaged and dull hair, frizzy hair, etc. Find something which will suit you and cause your hair to be less frizzy. You could try products like leave-in-conditioners, smoothing creams and serums.


2. Bye Bye Heat


Too much of heat caused by blow-drying, curling or ironing can cause extensive hair damage.

To avoid static, it is best to use a heat protector before you gein styling your tresses. It is best you indulgence less in these styling tools. Also, try a hair spa once in a while, to give your hair the extra nourishment and moisture it needs.


3. Go chemical-free


Relaxing, rebonding and colouring your hair causes your hair to face a whole lot of chemicals. Just like you need to breathe, so does your hair. It is best to give it rest from chemicals at times. Also, choose your shampoo and conditioner wisely.


4. Anti-static tools


If you have frizzy hair, avoid using plastic combs and embrace wooden combs instead.

Look out for anti-static tools like brushes and combs which will help your hair fell become shinier and smoother.


5. Leave it alone


Don’t try to overdo anything! Don’t overhandle your hair, especially if they are curly. After a hair wash don’t dry your hair roughly, be gentle and just try drying it with a towel, softly. It is best if you apply an anti-frizz product to your hair after a wash. Don’t touch it too much, the more you touch it, the more the frizz!


So, ladies let’s bid the frizz adieu!

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