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5 Tips to Ensure a Hassle-Free Wedding Buffet

5 Tips to Ensure a Hassle-Free Wedding Buffet


When it comes to a wedding meal, some couples go in for the plated meal option, while most prefer offering a buffet to their wedding attendees.


Buffets, food bars, drink stations, dessert corners, etc.are a great way to not only aesthetically appealing way to display a plethora of food items, but they are also a good way to increase interaction amongst the wedding guests. We are all aware of the little issues that arise during a buffet-style lunch or dinner, and it is best if you can prevent any chaos or confusion during the same.


If you are zeroing in on an elaborate buffet on your wedding, there are a few things you should keep in mind and discuss with your caterer in advance:


1. Replenish and heat


Although most catering services will take care of this, it is necessary for you to ensure that the food is replenished quickly and it is piping hot. We all are aware of how rapidly guests gather around the buffet counters and it is best if you make sure that they don’t have to keep waiting because one particular dish isn’t available or because the food needs to be heated.


2. Adequate staff members


Don’t forget to talk to your caterer about this and ensure that there is an adequate number of people stationed behind counters. The main reason for this is that at a time people find it difficult to take food out of larger vessels (pots or cauldrons), in turn slowing down the process and causing long queues.


3. Placement of buffet


How you place your buffet at the wedding venue also plays an important role in ensuring its level of efficiency. Make more than one entry point available for guests to ease the crowd and make it easier for those who probably want to go back and take some more of a particular dish. You don’t want them to enter the line again or wait too long for a helping, do you?


4. Pay attention to portions


If guests are serving themselves, the decided portions may go haywire. When you have  a discussion with your caterer, ensure that the portion sizes are all sorted and cleared out.


5. Make it convenient


The issue with buffets is that they are full of hassles. Make sure the buffet is at a walkable distance from the rest of the festivities, and also don’t make your guests walk too far to get their buffet plates.


All set to host a buffet at your wedding affair?


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